Study: "Information Overload" on the Web Costing $900 Billion a Year



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how do they classify this stuff as non work related?


My troling mof max pc here has be very productive.


Ive found new servers for the office (hammer drive review)

critical virus undates (the non patch tuesday hot fix which prompted me to take a day to make sure every computer in the office was instaling updates [ most we're and were back loged])


Snag a free anti virus promo from Zone alarm for the office


and confirm that our new ESAT suite was indeed best of the best.


And thanks to the no BS podcast i found DriverMax ( which got all our 4 year old drivers up to date and the 25 tweaks article spedd up every computer 10-25 percent and located a crital bug on one where the Administrator was broken and Geek Squad had to come in and fix that computer.


All thanks to a little time waster called

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