Study: Having Broadband Saves You $7,700 Per Year



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Having a broadband is a step in the right direction. It allows one to save considerable amount of money per year. Even I do the same.<a href="">Extamax</a>




...and it ain't roses.

Having multiple outlets to buy things actually makes you SPEND more, the "savings" is just on percentage off on impulse items you probably didn't need anyway. A typical conversation in my house:

"Look, I just saved 30% on this ______"

"I could tell you how to save 100%...don't buy it in the first place."

Real savings can only be attributed to necessary goods and services, something most things sold on TV and the internets are not.

P.S. Get off my lawn!



People who have broadband are more likely those who have more disposable income to spend. They saved more money because they spend more. You can't "save" money on a purchase if you never purchased anything to begin with.



Not to mention the tens of thousands saved by not having cable TV and liberal use of torrents.



Do people with fast connections spend more or do they spend less? Where does all this savings go? Does it go into their savings account, or do they just get a better deal and consume more? If more consumption equals more saving then I do not know what we are talking about. I can imagine that it is easier to spend more money if Amazon has you credit card and your shipping address saved so all you do is push the button and get things send to your door, or bid on ebay bo buy a used item for less than a new item in the store. My bank account must be stuffed to the rafters with savings.



Watch out the IRS is looking to consider this taxable income!



Problem is a lot of ISP aren't expanding their coverage at the rate they should, they're more concerned about be able to outdo the other in terms of speed in high population areas. The thing that I don't think they realize is that if they got their thumbs out of their ass and did indeed expand outwards, it would help real-estate greatly. When people go to buy/build houses they look to be in an area that has high-speed coverage.



I moved into a rural area in Oct 09 and I checked for DSL from verizon and they had DSL available after I got here and settled I called to order and all they had was Dial-up because during the time I was moving and got settled the last remaining DSL slots in the switching station got filled up. So all I could get was Dial-up. It Has been over a year and they have done nothing and I was on Dial-up for a few months before Virgin Mobile came out with there unlimited 3G so I cancelled Dial-up when I got 3G.


My area they didn't even have FiOS planned when they were laying fiber because it is considered a rural area. There is not even Cable TV were I am, it is Over the air or satellite. Then for the web it is eaither Dial-up "max 46.6Kbps", Satellite or 3G.



I couldn't agree more

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