Study: Googling Good for the Brain, Better Than Reading Archaic Book Technology



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Of course brain activity will be higher when...."googling" metioned above/below reading and searching are widly different animals.  Further, It also proves (more or less) what I've been saying for years.....websites and software are highly UNintuitive, whereas simple text IS intuitive.

Not to mention, every website is different and any internet activity, by default, causes security concerns, which will further "increase" cognition.

This "test" proves absolutely NOTHING.  It's an apples to oranges comparison at BEST and an apples to cabuerator comparison at worst.  

I'm dissappointed that Maximum PC has even posted this flies in the face of reliable unbiased testing.  For shame!





A better comparison would be between Googling and searching for information in an encyclopedia or library.  Of course people reading won't be exercising reasoning or making decisions.  They are no decisions to make, and you're mostly just absorbing information when you're reading.

The results of the study are not surprising whatsoever.

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