Study Finds Teens Still Like to Text, Captain Obvious Unavailable for Comment



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h e x e n

The girl in the picture looks hot.



Texting is not so far from leaving comments? Think before we speak, correct if necessary.
I also like the fact that I can do multiple different jobs when I "reply", and it is not limited to occupying most of my attention...
However, this made me lack day to day human contact... I go to work, work efficiently, speak a few sentences, pretend to be friendly... and that is pretty much it... Well, I do try to be friendly by saying "Good morning" to the hard working cleaning staffs and working associates but that is pretty much it.



The greatest thing about teens texting is that their mouths are blessedly shut.



That was EPIC (and i hate saying that word). But i never thought of that and i usually hate when people look down to text while im talking, but now i will see certain situations different and take pleasure in the silence.

Well Fucking Put!



It would be interesting to correlate this upswing in teen texting with data on teen driving accidents.



Whether its texting, drinking, ghost riding, or just plain stupidity, teens will find a way to crash...

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