Study Finds that Netbook Consumers Unaware They're Buying Netbooks



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 I reallly laughed when I saw this. Honestly, whoever thinks they are buying a Notebook when in stores like Best Buy it is labelled as a Netbook, really doesn't know what they're buying. If the consumer is looking for a specific funtionality but looking at cheap products will ask what one meets their needs, and if they don't they will return it and complain, then getting their answer. Open Office, Microsoft Office, Thunderbird, Messenger clients, Web browsing, these are the tasks a Netbook is for. Basically being more mobile while doing basic tasks. I'm going to school soon and honestly, for the skytrain and bus rides, I am going to just grab an Android phone since i need a new phone anyhow. I was considering buying a netbook and tethering my Android phone to it for internet functionality, so I could read MPC while waiting. However I am the kind of person that feels that whoever has the most gadgets when they die wins.

I don't like Microsoft, I associate with it.



I would research verizon wireless first before getting the G1 (only android phone at the moment) because from what I understand,, verizon won't let you tether free of charge. unless you knew that.....heck I could even be wrong!



It pains me at moments like this to say that I too work at an electronics retailer and most people are ignorant dolts wen it comes to this stuff. Most of the wahoos who I work with don't even understand that the processors aren't multicores on these puppies.

sad stuff this news.






If you ask me, anyone who doesnt research the computer they are planning on buying deserves whatever they get, they have to right to be mad about it or even slightly anoyed, EVERYWARE you can by a note/netbook it tells you the screen size and the specs, (little hint: if the specs are lower, the computer is slower)



 but... i knew i was buying a netbook...

 Am i special?




 I actually hear the term "Mini-laptop" or "Mini-notebook" quite often. It seems the majority of people think of them as small fully functional computers. However, I doubt it's a concern, becuase if you can't tell the difference, odds are you don't do much more than surf the web, and write stuff on MSword.





Goes to show that the computer illiterate and salesman do not mix. But even the comp. illiterate should be able to see a difference between a netbook and a notebook. It's not hard folks. The sheer size difference says it all.  I love it when salesman try to tell me what I need with my purchase. I just laugh and keep walking.



I normally stick around long enough to see just how much they REALLY know about the products they are selling then I end up making them look stupid. 



U.S. Army Sergeant



 And whenyou DO tell them what you need they point you to either a over priced moster that is 10 times more then you need or some tinkerbell till will strugle to just open the ap....often in the same tour....

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