Study: Facebook Fosters Jealousy



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online networking sites should be an extension of your offline social life. I don't friend people I don't know IRL. I don't facebook or myspace to meet people. For me, it's a way to keep up with people that I already know. No need for my SO to get jeolous.



Get a life people... online social networking is pure bullshit that allows most people to hide behind an online persona and say/comment differently then they would face to face.  Try real life social networking and go to a local pub, if you're not a drinker that's fine order a coke you'd be surprised how friendly your local pub is.



"Jealousy", not "Jealously".



Researcher found that Facebook increases marshmallow consumption for
women 20-25 who watch Dr Phil re-runs on Tuesday afternoons while
glancing at their walls at the same time.


I Jedi

So, not only can I eat dinner, but I can watch a show go down between a couple on Facebook overtime? Awesome... It's like a reality T.V. show.. Soon they'll make the Reality Facebook show featuring couples who let a social media site destroy their relationships. That would be worth seeing, to be honest. It would highlight the pirvotal sarcasm of just how retarded and irrational human beings are.

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