Study Details New Method to Identify Bootleg CDs



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I generally prefer to buy cd's rather than a download because of the quality and that there is no DRM.  Now the downloading services are starting to phase out drm and the quality is starting to improve so i've already moved to downloads.

However I really do beleive that retail for entertainment media such a movies, music, games, etc.  will become obsolete within the comming years from digital downloads.  I buy all of my PC games from steam (when they are available), I download my movies through my netflix on my xbox, and I prefer to buy my music on  RETAIL IS DEAD... unless they can make money off of just hardware but they better do something fast before they go out of business.   



...because there are many places *cough iTunes Amazon eMusic cough* where MP3 files can be purchased legally and may well be burned to CDs.  Those CDs would show up as "fake" too, would they not?



lol @ trying to stop people from burning CD's and well after every one has moved on, too.

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