Study: Bing Beats Google in User Experience



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I like Bing design, it is nice and changing depens on the city. it's cool but I will stay with google because site are more update there, google index a new site quickly and show more request.



I now use Bing for all my searches, I specially like the video preview and not for the adult videos by the way. I like how I can mouse over an image and select similar images, which has been useful in many cases. I never liked Google that much to begin with, and this is definetly a step up from the old MSN Search.



They're all the same, mostly the same results, Google use to be different, now it's not even so different it even assumes that I have a spelling problem and searhes for some else so I have to again start using the +this +is +"exaclty what I'm searching for method" 



 And so the great Sahara Project fails. At least they didn't recruit Jerry Seinfeld on this one.  Perception IS everything.


-- "What am I, MacGyver? Fix it with what?"--




In my experience bing gets terrible search results compared to google.  I also can not seem to convince it that even though I live in Germany I speak english and am solely interested in sites in english.


.a nut for a jar of tunA



Sure, Bing looks nice.  No one can deny it.  However, I've had much better searching experiences with Google than with Bing. 

Using the Shopping section of each site to search for "microphone"....

Google gives microphones as results no matter how you sort it.

Bing gives you microphones when sorted by "best match," notebooks when sorted by "best user ratings," and cameras when sorted by "best expert ratings."  The only "decision" trying to be made here is to make me buy large dollar items I wasn't looking for.  



12 participants? that means diddly squat! thats a major catalyst FAIL to be posting results for a 12 person study. as small froup study should be at least a few hundred.



I couldn't agree more! 12 people does not a study make!



amen brotha. 12 people don't mean crap. Statistically insignificant.

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