Study: Android to Surpass iOS App Count Soon



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@ChyITGuru. Must be a fanboy. People just can't accept that the Android OS/Market is as good or better than iOS and its market/Store.



Android may have more apps but how many of those apps actually work? Google doesn’t monitor these apps or do any testing to make sure they work or aren’t infecting your phone with crap. This is where Apple leads over Android IMO. I have had multiple Android phones and half of the apps i ever downloaded had problems with force closing, hell android would crash with just the barebones which means it’s not stable, i would never own another Android phone even if they paid me, it’s a pile of garbage and soon enough people will come to the senses. You can’t tell me I'm wrong if I am speaking from my own personal experience with Android, i had the G1, Moto Droid, Droid X, and a couple others with nothing but problems.



Agreed  good point!


I Jedi

When I first got my HTC Hero, I was very, very excited. I saw what Android could be, and my prediction for its popularity as a smartphone OS could not have been more on. Everyone I knew praised and touted the iPhone, like it was some gift from god's ass itself. In fact, as I was getting my HTC Hero at Best Buy, some couple, in their 30s, were getting themselves iPhones instead of the Hero itself. I knew then that while I might be adopting an early piece of technology, I was adopting the right choice from a consumer and nerd standpoint.



Actually with the number of apps on alternative android markets, Android will probably exceed iphone sooner than that.

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