Study: Adults Set Poor Example for Text-Driving Teens



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The majority of the time I see folks driving while talking/texting/typing/whatevering xD they do a few things

1. Impeed the other drivers on the road by going to slow or just driving like nuts.

2. Using Mobile devices illegallly in zones where you're not supposed to do so.

It's no wonder why kids pick up bad tendencies from adult drivers. If you can't use a mobile device and drive properly, don't use one at all. That's why I perfer to never text, drive, or type while driving.


Ignorance is man's greatest enemy.



Not surprising!  I see people doing it all the time here, while it being illegal to text or talk on a phone while the vehicle is in motion.  (hands-free headsets are allowed)  I saw a dude driving down the road while USING A LAPTOP! which was in his lap. (at least he was helping to take his seed and possibly himself out of the gene pool)  I also watched a guy driving down the road watching a TV on the dash of his Hummer!  LOL.

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