Study: 200+ Kid-Targeted Virtual Worlds Currently in Development



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I have three kids under the age of 8 and they have been online for the last few years.  Sites like Webkinz and Club Penguin are very popular with the grade school crowd.  These are kids that learn to type at the same time they learn to write, so the push to a micro-transaction service isn't that surprising.  Parents may not shell out for a subscription for the little ones, but an occasional treat is something a parent might buy the tykes.

That said, the lead sentence is correct, know the sites your kids visit and monitor their use, in person as much as possible.  Teaching them safe surfing is going to be a part of the parental ambit.   



I wonder how many parents are going to cede "safe surfing" training to the govt.  Any new grade school classes out there for "safe surfing"? :)



but I'm making sure my 12.9 yr knows "safe surfing" as part of his homeschool curriculum. In fact, he's itching to "legally" have a myspace page. He'll be 13 tmrw.

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