Strong Growth at PayPal Fuels eBay's Second Quarter Surge



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I stopped using ebay for a few reasons. They have really high seller fees (over 10%), which can add up if your item is higher priced. And they almost always side with a buyer on issues even if the seller did nothing wrong. I have had a few experiences like this, but have heard many more, especially people I know who have worse stories as mine. Ebay, blah.



Totally agree. I rarely sell stuff, but if I do, it's not through eBay. They treat sellers like bad guys (which is biting the hand that feeds them) and have ridiculous fees. Sell something for $75, after shipping and fees, you'll walk away with $50. If I want to sell something, I'm successful with Craigslist, given a little time. I never buy anything off eBay, because a lot of the stuff on there is a mixed bag and isn't too much cheaper than what's available new from a reputable retailer.

If Paypal was taken out of the equation, I'm sure the earnings statement would be bleak to say the least. eBay, in my humble opinion, is so 1990s and it's not exciting anymore.



I've bought and sold hundreds of items on eBay for the past 10 years. Yes there's Craigslist, local resale shops, and good ol' yard sales, but it's usually more convenient and more profitable to sell via the eBay/Paypal route.



What sucks is ebay fees I made some scratch on ebay recently but the fees are killer you get charged both or ebay and paypal fees not fun.
Sometimes the shipping is so expensive you don't make money on the item because of the fees.



I agree, their fees are killer. I sold a video card for $175 with free shipping. They charged me $20 just to sell it. That is a huge percentage considering I had the very basic seller settings. Ebay is horrible, I'll stick with craigslist as they are FREE!!!!


John Pombrio

Hold your horses, Roy. The US congress is getting THAT close to passing a bill to collect state sales taxes on internet purchases. Amazon has already made deals with several states to start collecting.
Paypal will be in the thick of this as all of ITS purchases will have to start collecting too. I donno if its model is going to hold up with that kind of business plan. EBay will certainly take a major hit.

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