Strong Game Portfolio Push Game Sales 14 Percent in October, Says Wedbush



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Astute observations as always Holly Golightly. In truth, the fact that the majority of sales across the board are in Teen Rated Software (as the majority of profits in movies are in PG-13) reflects that despite perceptions, there are massive amounts of ADULTS who simply don't care for violent first-person shooters but still enjoy playing games (I'm among them, and own literally thousands of games, but not a single FPS, {unless you count Portal}).

The increasing sales is probably ultimately a sign of the industry maturing and telling better stories that command the attention of more and more people.



Amazing what happens when quality games are produced instead of junk. Even though I can't wait for Skyrim I kind of wish they were spread out more because I can't get enough of BF3. Then there's Arkham City too. I don't think I will be able to get though these games before ME3 in March. :(


Holly Golightly

Hmm, do those ESRB ratings matter anymore. With titles like Battlefield 3, and Call of Duty selling like hotcakes, I would highly doubt kids are even paying attention to those parental ratings. I mean, they all can't be adults. Either way, the gaming industry is going to outgrow the movie industry in the future.



I'm curious if the report takes into account preorder sales for games like TES V: Skyrim.

It's been on the top 20 selling games on Steam for well over a month, and avaiable as Pre-Order at numerous retailers and etailers.  Most of my friends have paid for thiers as well. 

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