On Strength of Kepler, Nvidia Eyes $1.05 Billion in Revenue for Fiscal 2013



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If that 670 gets to around $350 I'll have to jump on it so my rig can have a summer wardrobe. These SLI o/c'ed GTX 460's get warm in the summer.



How the heck can Nvidia be eyeing a great financial year based on the 680's when there aren't any around to buy?




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Paul, I wish to hell that I could get NVidia's sales figures for Kepler products. We keep harping back to poor yields at the foundry but that does not really tell us anything without knowing what the percent failures per wafer are. Is it that the failure rate is high, the amount of wafers that can be produced is low or THE DEMAND FOR KEPLER CHIPS IS INCREDIBLY HIGH. I have a suspicion that the latter is the case as the amount of press about Kepler is really hot which can lead to rabid demand. Who knows?
There is ONE GTX 680card left on Amazon Prime at the moment and no cards on Newegg, heh.



I have been following both NVidia and AMD financials. NVidia's revenue last quarter was down by a good 10-15%. This quarter is better but there is no sign of huge amount of growth like there was in 2010 which bumped the stock right up. So this is actually a so so revenue forecast.
As for AMD, the financials look terrible with the writedowns they had to take last quarter but revenue is perking up a little. Forget about the stock tho, it has be flatlined for 10 years.



1.05B for fiscal Q2 not fiscal year

Our outlook for the second quarter of fiscal 2013 is as follows:

-- Revenue is expected to be between $990 million and $1.05 billion.



luckily, guess I got old enough so that the games I like to play now (Crusader Kings 2, Europa Universalis 3, Might & Magic Heroes 6) don't require much video juice, although Guild Wars 2 is really tempting



Now all they have to do to increase their revenues for the next quarter is to release those mid-range GPUs (looking at you $300 GTX 660Ti). I'm willing to give them my dough and participate to increasing their revenues!



One benefit of short supply, desire builds as a lot of people just have to have something that isn't around. I'm fine waiting until stock issues stabilize and price adjusts from the 'shiny new goodness' and they all drop $100 or so. Maybe one the GK110 comes out, lol. Then I'll just want that... ugh, stupid rapidly changing technology.
At least with the current gen, I see nothing but benefit and advancment. Only 'drawback' being price.

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