Street Fighter IV and Guitar Hero World Tour PC-Bound



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Street Fighter 4's arcade board (Taito Type X) is an Intel 965 chipset PC running their build of winxp. There should be no problems porting it to a PC. More of a question "IF" Capcom is going to actually port it. I want to buy it, and I'm not going to shell out for a PS3 or an Xbox when I have a system that's damn close to what they programed the game on in the first place.



Oh SWEET!!  I always wanted to invite 3 of my friends to rockout in guitar hero around my corner office desk in front of my 20inch monitor!



oh new stuff to pirate.  lol



Do you plan on pirating the peripherals as well? If hunks of plastic are central to any game experiences, it's probably these two.



Are you kidding? Have you seen the craptacular port over of Guitar
Hero 3 was for the PC? It wasn't really a port, they made an Xbox 360
emulator for the game to run on, and it was complete crap since the performace was horrible.  Your PC spent more CPU cycles emulating the 360 than it was playing the game.  I
highly doubt this game will be ported properly.  Aspyr seems to
be very hit and miss on their so-called "ports" to PCs and

As for the peripherals , I've already purchased these games, and
peripherals for my Xbox 360 already, and if you didn't know 360
controllers are compatible with windows.

But in case you miss the joke, no one is going to buy these games
considering how bad past "ports" have been for the PC.
Considering it's dead simple to pirate PC games, people will probably
just download it just to check it out. Anyone really going do drop
nearly $100 on crappy port played on a tiny computer monitor, when
it's a lot easier to do the same thing with a gaming console.




I never had a problem with the GH3 port. ran like a champ on my system. No freezes, lag, or glitches what so ever. And i know my system is far from top of the line. I have never had trouble with ANY games that were ports. Maybe the game would not have performed so poorly for you if you had a better system. After all, if you dont meet the minimum requirements, the game will run slowly for ANY system. That what the minimum specs are for. To tell you your PC is a POS and needs upgrading.

 Its almost as simple to pirate console games. Just a small mod to the console for less that $150 and you can use burned console games. Pirated console games are available at the same places the pirated PC games are, its no secret.

 If you dont like playing games on a tiny computer monitor go buy something bigger. Hell, I have a Samsung 50" plasma for my PC and 42" Samsung LCD for my wife's TV.

 Maybe if people would by better quality PC parts or research the parts themselves (oh sorry that is not the easy way) you wouldn't have so many problems.

 No wonder the U.S. economy is in the crapper. Everyone wants to do things the easy way and no one wants to spend money.



Why playing on a tiny monitor when all new TVs come with a VGA and several HDMI ports? C'mon, the home theatre receiver has a coaxial input free as well.


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