Streaming Video Set to Overtake P2P Traffic by Year-end



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Duh it's going to. The biggest reason why P2P exists right now is for video media, if people start putting them all over on services such as netflix well there's no reason to do p2p except for software. Personally i have very little reason to p2p except for iso of new distros or really old-school movies that i cannot find anymore and aren't being sold at the current time. I know that everyone i've talked to(my small monkeysphere) uses torrents for video media most of the time since there's no way to see it where they are. One of the biggest examples is the BBC and other such people that do not let certain people see their shows online so thus people cannot get them legally. If everyone goes to just letting people stream video and watch it when it comes out on dvd(or maybe a month or two afterwords) and also for new tv shows then it's going to easily make up for it. Also digital cable? That's just pure video streaming.

W/o even using netflix and just watching random youtube video's/other site's videos and keeping up with the latest tedtalks and such i can EASILY get upwards of 10GB a day by myself so this prediction doesn't surprise me at all. I'm currently renouncing my netflix subscription after a few months due to lack of new mediums to stream. Waiting for dvds in the mail isnt' worth it for me.



temprary solution: WE MUST DESTROY YOUTUBE

wait who said that? haha destroy youtube...not like THAT would 


On a long enough timeline, the survival rate for everyone drops to zero. Chuck Palahniuk, FIght Club.

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And if comcast still has bandwidth caps I'm going headhunting.



invest in cisco! INVEST IN CISCO!!!

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