Streaming Music Service Grooveshark Sued Again



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iv used grooveshark a few times and from what i saw they arnt trying to sell you or allow you to download any of the music only let you listen to it like an online radio station. if anything the record labels and recording artists should be pleased that theres sites like this up so that people that are less fortanute who cant afford to spring the 20-40-50 bucks for a album are still wanting to listen to that band/group/artist if it was my music they were listening to i would be like sweet free advertising and promoting who cares as long as people get to hear it.



Pandora does the same thing, but pays royalties to the record companies and artists.  It looks to me like Grooveshark's business model is based in avoiding those fees, which is illegal.  Just because you can't download the songs doesn't mean this business model isn't stealing. I won't be using Grooveshark.

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