Store More Than Just Photos in Flickr's 1TB Bucket



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Old News :yawns:



Helping to advertise and enabling people to take advantage of workarounds such as these only hurts people who legitimately want to upload what the service is intended for.



Alternately, if Yahoo/Flickr decides this is a breach of their ToS, stories like this bring it to their attention so they can take the necessary steps to prevent it from happening. It's not like we're telling people to run out and do something illegal, we're reporting on a newsworthy software development.

I would also hope that if Yahoo is advertising 1TB of free space per user, that they actually have the resources to support it. If this was a hack to circumvent the 1TB ceiling on free accounts, I'd be more inclined to agree with you, though I think it'd still be newsworthy. In that theoretical instance, I'd draw a firm line between reporting on what people were doing and providing an illicit how-to.



Touché, that's an excellent point.

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