Storage Vendors Agree to 128-bit Disk Encryption Standards for SSDs and HDDs



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128 bit encryption is insanely week (along the lines of SSL/TLS).  I'll still be running application level encryption along side my meager 128 bit drive encryption.



I'm by no means an expert, but this seems unsafe to me.  If every vendor is using the same standards, it would make it easier for someone to crack the encryption for all computers.  If an exploit is found, you'd probably have to release a firmware update to fix it.  It's hard enough to get most users to use Microsoft Update.  Do you really think the vast majority of people are going to actually understand, much less search out and execute, a firmware update?



I would think that it could be safe if the algorithm for encypt decrypt used a sliding integer in the hash.  Not unbreakable but certainly not going to brute force a 128 bit rng key with a random integer as the sequence key that moves on decrypt to another random integer any time soon.  Or if the algorithm used a Random Merseinne Prime combination for the key and used an iterative function to determine the hash.  but if its just a straight 128bit rng key then you might be looking at issues with security in a few weeks after you encrypt the drive for the first time.


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