Stopping Gold Farmers Like Trying to Halt Tide, Says RedBedlam Founder



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The Dutch managed to reclaim about 1/3 of their land from an ever present ocean....I'm pretty sure something can be done to stop this problem.


The real answer "We aren't going to pay X amount of employees or hire a Z amount of employees whose sole purpose is to hunt down farmers"



Exactly. Noone wants to fork over the money to pay people to watch for that kind of thing. Same thing goes for anti-bot codes. The only game I've seen that actually had a good antibotting system was a MUD that I used to play way back when. Whenever the game would detect that you moved in a completely systematic pattern and did nothing but attack, no talking, forming, etc, it would buff up the next mob you attacked. A player who was actually at their computer would see that and run away. A bot would sit there and die. Pretty simple stuff. I guess that's harder to implement in a non-text based game though.



There are plenty of ways to totally stop gold farming, however with subs in the millions the MMO industry would be killing revenue and they simply wont do this.



Please tell.



As of yet, I think there is just one major mmo that managed to stop these guys pretty well. RuneScape, ridicule me, I don't care, but the truth is, illegal gold trade in that game is practiacally zero although quite a few liberties were sacrificed to keep it like it is now.

Just felt I'd point that out.



and what did runescape do?

The only real effective way I can see to stop illegal gold farming is by offering a legal one run by the developer or publisher or whoever has the rights. That way they can provide a safe means for their customers to play the game how they want to.



They pretty much put limits on trade completely, so merchanting is gone now. Trying to give away something expensive for free is just about impossible, and most players were/are terribly upset. Check the website, because there have been tons of changes if you're interested.

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