Stop Squinting, Netbook Displays to Get Bigger in 2010



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I agree, I love my netbook dearly, but my next one will have a 10 in screen. Even though my eyes are just fine 8.9 is just a wee bit too tiny for my ultimate comfort. I am hoping my next netbook will be a 10in touch screen that can rotate around and shut up side down to turn it into a portrait tablet with a decent sized SSD.



 I dunno, I have a 13 inch gamming notebook, if i got a netbook 8.9 seems best for me, 10 seems to close to 13 for me...

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My notebook has a 17 in screen, I take that with me when I know I am going to have to get some real work done. My netbook I take most of the time, its for quick and dirty stuff. I have messed around with some netbooks with 10 in screens at the store and know that it would be just about the right size for my needs.

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