Stolen Bank Data Gets Cheaper on Web



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Kind of hard to blame the consumer if the fraud's coming from the waitress you handed your credit card to in order to pay for lunch...  I don't see the credit card companies doing this because they want people to use their credit cards.  They don't want to encourage people to NOT use their credit cards because they're afraid of being dinged for someone stealing it.



No, because it's too easy for it to happen to even the normally cautious user.  All this would do is induce widespread consumer paranoia.  Awesome.  What needs to happen is that the system be changed.  I mean, how long have we been using the same credit cards now?  Besides those stupid CV2 codes (which I really don't think do much of anything security-wise), it's been the same thing forever now.  Biometrics, maybe?  I dunno.  I normally hate the "It's broken, but I don't know how to fix it." attitude, but I guess I'm guilty here.  It just seems to me that it would make *way* more sense for an overhaul to how society handles credit than for consumers to be held liable for a problem that they can only minimize the risk of, but not eliminate.

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