Stinky Footboard Controller for PCs is Potentially Brilliant



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AS a gamer I welcome any additional buttons. Depending on the game sometimes my G15 and Naga combined aren't enough. That said, the price is pretty steep.



This already exists in different forms, but I like and own the Fragpedal. The Fragpedal can simulate key presses, mouse functions or run macros. It also is durable and low profile. Oh and you can buy it today without having to wait.



I'm almost disappointed that the title of this article didn't employ a cheesy pun like "...a step in the right direction". ;)



You mean like the Amiga JoyBoard???


Renegade Knight

It costs about twice what it should. It's a D pad. That's what? Two analog sticks, a button pad, triggers, bumps, and a couple of other buttons short of a 49.99 controller?

The idea thought is rock solid.



Not exactly new. I've been using a 2 button switch for ages. I've raiding using it as a Push to talk for ventrilo since the early days of Wow.



This would be awesome for a crouch button, like in Time Crisis


Led Weappelin

I've signed up for alerts. I use to be a drummer. I stomp my feet lots during fps gameplay. This is brilliant in a small way. I think I could use my feet in-game for sure. Price is too high imo though.

I think I'd use it as an à la John Bonham melee foot mouse. You old timers remember him I'm sure.



I kind of did this myself long ago when I played DDR. I put the mat under my computer desk and mapped "crouch" to the down arrow for things like Half Life 2.



Looks interesting. I can use this on Arma 3, and still have to do the 5-fingered tango on my keyboard.



This opening of the article reads like you have never seen computer pedals... o.O

Aside from the obvious models used in steering wheel and joystick sets, there have long been programmable pedals USB or otherwise.



This isn't so much pedals as a d-pad for one foot. I can see where it would be quite useful in games such as ARMA, where multiple move/look instructions are possible. Foot pad for movement, mouse for gun control, Track-IR for head control, keyboard for the myriad commands such a game supports. Essentially, you're removing WASD from your left hand and adding to your left (or right) foot.

Mind you, it would require quite a bit of practice (not to mention above-average natural coordination talents), but it would add an extra dimension of control for non-vehicle interfaces. I think it might also have the advantage of feeling more natural for avatar movement controls after you get used to it, since you're using your foot to "run."



..... Didn't they have something similar several years ago? I remember vaguely seeing one reviewed in one of your magazine. It was like a single button that was useful to remap as a mouse click for sniping in FPS.

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