Stinger 553 SFF PC Will Go Nicely in Your Armored Humvee



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Very cool product idea. Too bad that the Colmek Stinger 553 is purely fiction...aka "Vaporware." In fact, I called Colmek this week to find out about availability and pricing, and they admitted that the product is just a conceptual idea, not a COTS product available anytime soon. They seem to be fishing for a customer to fund an NRE project.

Another scary observation I found on their Website, I just noticed that they ripped off the MIL-STD rugged switch and mobile router products that are made by Parvus ( Colmek has literally cut and paste the product descriptions for the DuraMAR and DuraNET products, tweaked the brand names a little and posted a mock-up of a different CAD rendering to suggest it's their own idea.

Who are these guys fooling? Wasn't Colmek in bankupcy just last year? I guess when you're out of money, you resort to these sort of shady marketing tactics. Pretty low.



Why not just buy a Panasonic Toughbook? Those are MIL spec units and they have much more powerful equipment in them.  Not to mention they have a screen built into them.  They also have all of the standard ports you would expect so they aren't crazy prices to repair.  They are actually pretty slick units.  The CF-52 is a pretty speedy machine.  Besides, the military already uses a lot of Toughbooks because they are so crazy. Check them out.



But I rather hook my peripherals by normal civilian interfaces like USB. ITT Cannon plugs are costly to repair let alone buy new bundles if you break off a pin or 2.  

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