Stick A Fork in The Lich King, Because He’s Done



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I know WoW has been getting more "casual friendly" all the time, but I still find it ironic that as much time as Blizzard puts into creating all the end-game content, how few people (percentage wise) must get to experience it.  I played WoW HARDCORE since beta, but as I got older and had less patience for a raiding based end-game that has always been a nightmare for anyone trying to maintain a fairly healthy and well balanced/social lifestyle, I finally gave it up last year.  I wonder what percentage of players will actually experience the final Lich King battle before the level cap hits 100 and the content is completely irrelevant...  Based on my experiences and articles I've read in the past about how very few players are even in guilds that CAN raid, I think that number would be VERY small.



It's obvious to me that Nathan Grayson has never been in a raiding guild.  I don't play WoW personally, but I've done my share of raiding in other games (EQ1 & 2, for example) and I can tell you that simply beating the Lich King does not mean they get to take a break... If anything, Blood Legion will be redoubling their efforts to get all their members equipped.

Congrats to Blood Legion on what was no doubt a logistical nightmare and a very long day.




Being a wow player and raiding for vanilla wow and bc wow all the way up to WOTLK. This is what i've been waiting for this will be the end to my 15$ subcription to wow. Me and my friend made a deal that once we would take the lich king down we would stop playing wow. It was a good thing that we made this deal because now that WOW Cataclysm is being worked on, we see that worgens and goblins will be introduced to the game. The thought of making wow playable for most people will make it just playable and more enjoyable to kids or teens. I guess it will just be a huge loss to blizzard and nothing for me to worry about...



Just because your quitting, and hundreds of thousands more are joining. How does that make it a huge loss?

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