Steve Jobs Says Your Fingers are Too Fat for a 7-Inch Tablet



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at least my fingers are smaller than his fatass ego. dumb prick. if there's one company that i want to see crumble to the ground, its the cult called Apple.





he is right! and while the apple's resolution goes smaller and smaller, where the is the stylus? they should have standard stylus's for every phone to the idea where we'd see stylus's on the floor, like regular pens & pencils and that no one would give a damn because they are so common.



What they need to do for fat fingers is make the key pad letters only hot in the center. That way you would be more likley to hit the key you want. Problem solved.


Bogus Dudus

Sandpaper HURTS! OW! . . . .OWWW!  . . . 

I give up. Must buy iPad. SJ is God. Fingertips feel better now . . .



First I was holding it wrong, and now my fingers are too fat! I am such an inadequate human being. :(



Why are your fingers to big for a 7" ipad when you have a iphone and ipod toch with what 3"x4" screen. They know they would have to cut the price and make less money so they wont make a 7" ipad. It's all about supply and demand. If they made a smaller model the larger model sales would slow to a crawl. Thus losing money.



Even though I'm a pretty skinny guy, my fingers are apparently too fat for the iPhone "keyboard".  The only way I would be able to hit the right keys is if I had didn't trim my nails or with a pen.  But seeing as this is Steve Jobs, I'll just say that I don't have fingers that are shaped like a pen tip.  My skinny fingers are well-rounded and blunt.  From the few times I've handled an iPhone, I can't for the life of me hit the right key or scroll without having to accidently open an app.  Probably the only way I could work an iPhone without feeling like having "fat fingers" is if I had some fake fingernails.



I think Steve Jobs is being really hypocritical - not because of the iPodTouch/iPhone, but because of the new touchscreen nano's. The iPhone's screen-size is only 4.3" because it's a phone that should be easily held in your hands and put in your pockets - so Steve Jobs' comments about our fingers being too fat shouldn't apply here. The part that gets me is the new touchscreen iPod nanos. Why did they decided to make this touchscreen? I have very small fingers and have tried the new nano's out. It's too small of a device to use comfortably as a touchscreen. My tiny fingers cover half of the screen when touching the screen. So if there's anything that makes Apple hypocritical, the prime example are the new nano's. 



I think you can easily exclude the Iphone and Ipod from the discussion based on the products and targeted markets them self. It’s like comparing a laptop to a desktop, the bigger is typically more powered and suited for different applications than a notebook, in some cases the notebook has different or more convenient functionality. Almost the same premise but different in application based on the size and the intended use.

There actually is a lot of functionality that you hinder by using a small form factor.  You can do more with games on a larger surface area; LogMeIn will be a lot easier to use, Watching and editing videos, Picture editing, browsing and the list goes on. To back this, tablets have already been eating into netbook sales already and this expected to get worse. As per a Wiki article, the Average screen size of a netbook is 8.9 inches which would seem to imply that customers are looking for something similar to fill this gap. You double this with the fact that tablets are almost half the weight of a netbook and you have a much more ideal market than telling customers you need a “little” smartophone and a “big” smartphone.

Tablets have a huge potential if marketed properly and I’m not saying there is not a market for a small tablet but at what point does it become practical for a user to buy something comparable to what they already have in pocket. I also think that to understand the tablet market better we should really focus on what the tablet experience can bring instead of comparing it to existing technologies and assuming everything is the same.



Well, let's be fair. Apple has been pretty clear in saying they want different apps for the iPad, even though there is some cross over with the iPhone.

It is kind of funny, given as the touchpad keyboard is the thing I dislike most about these devices.






Sausage fingers.






"Apple has done extensive user testing and we really understand this stuff,"


Just like the extensive testing they did with the iPhone 4 I'm sure.



Aww man you totally beat me to the EXACT, WORD for DAMN WORD post I was going to make!!!






GIVE ME A STYLUS! Then I can use my fat fingers to put in my ears, so I don't have to listen to your idiocy any more.  Jobs just makes this stuff up as he goes along, as far as I can tell.



i don't understand this comment... its okay to have MP3 players and phones feature a smaller touchscreen but for a tablet it isn't? granted the ipad is aimed at a different market segment, and maybe peoples perception of tablets are different than smart phones and mp3 players... but why didn't the same market research tell them that giving the ipod nano a touchscreen was a terrible idea... aren't users fingers too fat for them?



The idea for a tablet is a touchscreen device large enough to get more serious work done. A phone or mp3 player is not for working or designing or drawing or anything, that stuff is incidental to it, so there's no need for the higher precision you get with a large screen. The reason for the iPad existing is the screen being large enough to run complex powerful apps, to offset the larger size. A device that's too big to be easily carried in a pocket and too small to be precise is pretty much useless.



I have the same opinion with S.Job.

I'm tried some device and I realize that 7" is useless.

It's small to call tablet and too big for a phone. So who's need it? If you want a mobile device, take the smartphone. The 7" tablet is hard to fit in your pants pocket.

And I think, the product has consistent development is easy to successful. Linux OS has much of UI and Distro, so users are afraid when choose a distro before realize it' a big treasure. Please, Android, don't make a same mistake like your brother!

Sorry for my English :)



I don't know why people continue to associate Steve Job's Axis II Cluster III OCPD with actual genuis. Having a personality disorder does not make a person a genius, although one can be a genius and have a personality disorder as anyone who has watched House or BigBang has seen.

He's taken an obvious logical fallacy "anything in between ten inches and 3 inches, (which my compnay happens to make) is crap" and presented it as an absolute truth.  Actually, he didn't even do that much, as pointed out above, he literally discounts the ~very existence~ of 3/4 of his company's own product line. I wonder what would happen to apple stock if someone put Steve on some Prozac?

*cue eye rolling*

Anyways, enough Steve Jobs bashing. He's used his absolutist personality to become a pereminent business force, and more power to him for that, a shame more geeks can't do the same. But when that personality starts putting out turds like the no-button-shuffle and the "phone that does everything except make phone calls" iphone 4; It's time to start walking him towards the door. He seems like someone who's about two steps away from going off the reservation entirely, and the big fruit is going to tumble with him when he does  go off rez most likely.

Much like Microsoft without Gates, Apple will be hard pressed to remain dominant in its markets without him at the helm.

Please note, I don't dislike Apple in general, they do a lot of clever things like the iMac's that helped usher in the Internet and PC's as home fashion instead of beigh boxes that hapened to do email, and the first widespread GUI implimentation; but some bonehead moves like force-feeding Safari, bloating Quicktime, and antenna and/or glass-gate make me question the Big Fruit every bit as much as I do Microsoft or Google or Facebook.



so fun. What about the new ipod nano with multitouch screen??



Well sure, when you count that as being one big button rather than an ~interface~ *eye roll* another good example.

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