Steve Ballmer has 80 Inches....of Computing



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Maybe it will connect to Kinect and we can get a Windows 8 version of Dance Dance Revolution, Ballmer Edition - so we can learn to dance like Steve Ballmer.

I am not sure of the need for an 80" tablet - but you do want to fix the CEO up with cool toys if he has visitors.

And I haven't used Win 8 yet, but I'm not liking the fact that it is a PITA to go back to Win 7 without upgrading.



i don't get the W8 hate.

kinda the same as FB hate. or Apple hate. or Android hate.

you've got choices. i.e. - you don't need to use it. so why QQ about something other people may like? it's okay if you're scared of change, not everyone is though.

on top of that no one QQing on the intertubz has used the RTM version. period. so none of you have a first hand experience with the complete product. so, again, wtf are you QQing about? beta software? the fact that it looks different? cool stories, bro's. /twothumbsup



He probably spends all of his time using desktop applications, and ignoring metro...



Will never own a Windows 8 PC, laptop, or tablet.

If I can't it with Windows 7, I won't get it.

I have no interest in turning my computer into some social media advertizing-rich bullshit.



You know, that never even really occurred to me. I've been slamming my "premium" XBox Live experience for having to pay AND sit through irrelevant ads on the dashboard. On the other hand I've been cautiously praising Windows 8.

My hypocrisy seemingly just reached an all-time high.



Depends if he's sweating or not on stage.



Yes, but does it run crisis?




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Dorito Bandit

Got me! My first thought was; "Man, this guy has got me by 68 inches!" Well, I feel better now after reading.

Really, all of this touchscreen stuff is cool and all (especially on small hand held devices), and even has some very useful purposes (medical and such), but it will just become boring after you spent a little time playing around with it. Plus, have you ever walked into a store where these type of devices are sold and seen just how gross these things can get after a few people have tinkered with them? YUCK!!! The screens are all greasy and very nasty looking! Of course this is from many people using the thing, but until they can come up with a Booger-free, Grease-free glass, I'll pass. Boogers suck!

Hope all of you are having a wonderful Memorial Day weekend! Let's not forget the men and women who have died for us and prayers for all of those who are currently a member of our military services. Thank all of you and may peace win out!



He would have had me by about 75 1/2.



I'll Pass thanks. An 80 inch display does not impress me when the resolution is more than likely 1920x1080. As for the OS, I don't like Windows 8 and everyone I talk to that is into computers and has tried Windows 8 hates it. Except for the few here that are programming for Windows 8, I just don't see much support.



I agree completely! And why would you want Windows 8 on a 80 inch touch screen PC anyway since they are killing the Aero Glass UI. LOL! Just goes to show M$ will do and say anything to sell their products.



I guess you missed the point. If you have an 80 inch display you'd expect to have the best high end graphic card, CPU, 64GB of RAM, etc.

As for the W8 UI just watch it will have battery life problems even with killing Aero. You see it's still Vista under the hood just like Win7.



I love how Microsoft is now trying to get everyone on the computer touch screen band wagon; seeing as how they killed it with the Kinect.

I don't want an over-priced touch screen monitor on everything I own, I rather just hook up a Kinect and make every monitor I own better than a touch screen.

Way to shoot yourself in the foot Microsoft.



True true. Touch is looking obsolete now since the showing of Leap Motion gesture technology recently.



I'm glad I don't own stock in Microsoft right now.



Apple's been a much stronger option for a long time now. Even though I don't particularly like Apple's business practices, it's a cold hard statistic that Apple's stock value just shoots up with every major product launch, while Microsoft's growth is stagnating.



Not unless I have the option to use my old graphic interface and NOT Metro.



Wait, so what's the resolution of that 80" screen? Cause if it's the same as the other 80" unit, it displays *exactly the same amount* of information that my HD desktop monitor does... And LESS than my 15.4" laptop display does...



True that, all of the 80inchers I have seen in the wild (costco, best buy, etc) look like crap at 10-15 foot normal viewing distance. not to mention the 1-2 foot distance that a touch interface would require.


Jacob Stanbery

Most all large store-model TVs look terrible. I saw a 62 inch at Aaron's that had a horrible looking picture. I ordered one (being told that that's just a store model) and it was perfect 1080p quality in my house.



1080p is shit for a tv that size I can buy 30 inch monitors at 2560x1600 aka 1600p. Luckily 1080p is on the way out with the advent of 4k so in the future this might be a good thing.

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