A Step Backward: Pay-As-You-Go Internet



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Ill pay as i go when i see speeds up to 100mb/s


I Jedi

Let's not forget that competition will ultimately always lead to a better deal for the end-consumer. Right now, as it is, the ISPs in America have a strong hole of monopolies in their own areas. Many people in the United States don't have the luxury to choose between more than one ISP. It's an unfortunate thing, yes, but in the coming years those monopolies will continue to shrink as ISPs continue to move into other ISPs area. We will eventually start to see prices lowered and bandwidth caps (if they are widely adopted by this time.) increase ever more to include 250GB as minimum to estimates as high as a whole terabyte...

ISPs spend a lot of money on their infrastructures, but not NEARLY as much as they make in profits and pocket it. Net Neutrality is an issue that will greatly affect the Net here in America. In my opinion, it is very important that the Net stay open to competition, so innovation and market can continue to grow. I would never support a pay-as-you-go plan, nor would I support an ISP's action to place a low bandwidth cap of 40 gigabytes a month. (See: Road Runner)

The best thing we can do now to show ISPs we mean business is to simply switch to a different ISP with a better plan, if possible, AND to continue to support the FCC and other organizations, like FreePress for Net Neutrality.



I live in Canada. I have a 95Gb cap, which is one of the higher tier caps. If you live in the States, fight the Internet caps with all you've got, they're never fair. 




I have no problem with a REASONABLE cap of something like 250 GB.  I would have to download almost 10 GBs a day to hit that... I don't even know if I could watch that much video in a week, much less a day.  I do, however, take issue with the idea of metered broadband, low caps like AT&Ts and the idea of metered broadband.  I would change ISPs every month if needed to stay away from those kinds of pricing schemes. 

This whole push by ISPs is not because they are afraid of losing money... they just want to make sure they can continue posting INCREASED profits each year.  It is time for our government to do something about this... the FCC is/was on the right track with net neutrality.  It is up to the FCC to keep the ISPs from neutering the net, it looks like.

Anyway, if you look at any other country in the world, you can see that American ISP executives are lying through their teeth.  Greed is the motivating factor here, plain and simple.



As far as I know, European ISPs have little problems with flat-rate plans. They even have better speeds and prices. How can American ISPs be so sucky and greedy?



For starters, countries in Europe are a lot smaller in comparison to the United States.  And I really hate that when people seem to forget this when talking about infrastructure, because that is a large part of infrastructure.  Also, Europe has a lot more competition in the ISP department whereas in the U.S. the conglomerates like Comcast, AT&T, and Verizon all own the assests and backbones in the U.S., so they are in control of what goes on behind the scenes when it comes to who can and cannot connect to their infrastructure.  See, like what happened to AT&T in the 1980's where they were cut off from providing local POTS, they sat back and built up their infrastructure across the U.S. So when in the late 1990's they got that ability to provide local access back, we are again stuck with not so many choices, because these larger ISP's have monopolized the market because there is no competition.  So suffice to say we are reaching a crossroads again, because these huge ISP's are unwilling to give up profit margins to small businesses who need their infrastructure to provide service.



American ISPs can be a lot suckier and greedier because of lobbying and the fact that if an ISP wants to screw over Europeans, they have to get it past the entire EU.  Here, all you have to do is give key politicians money to vote your way on something they don't even understand (i.e. "the internet is not a truck, it's a series of tubes."

They *are* going to do this.




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