Steam Trading Cards Now Out of Beta



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I don't get it. This doesn't seem to be something that would appeal to grown-ups. I don't see the added value. I get messages about new cards, and I don't care.



There's a cap to the steam friends list?! Why?!

I've already played through several of these games that are listed as having cards. Will I have to play through them again to get these things or will Valve have mercy on those of us in this "boat"?

I agree that this whole system seems pointless. The Steam Achievements were never as "valued", to my knowledge, as were the XBL Achievements. What makes them think that this new set of achievements will be found worthwhile?



I was wondering what those cards were about, but too lazy to even bother clicking on it in steam.

Sounds boring and sort of pointless. Maybe if the cards in itself was part of a card game that you can collect and use it to battle your friends. Tie them to the pointless achievement system in games and it might be worthwhile.



I never thought of the achievement system as being any more "pointless" than playing a computer game at all. They're extra things to do if you're a fan of the game. I enjoy it, they can be really fun in multiplayer games as a kind of side quest. Whenever a game doesn't have any achievements I consider it a major negative. I guess it would be fun if you could get something useful from them, but I've never cared much that they don't.

I'll probably reinstall LFD2 or Serious Sam to check out this card thing and see if it's any fun.



Where is HL3?



I hope they don't tie general discounts to that or any of the social things. I don't mind if collecting badges for game X gets you a discount or free DLC for game X or game X 2, so if I don't care about game X I won't miss anything, but if they make it so like 'have 10 badges and you get 10% discount in everything' that would suck



Fuck this shit, they made this update and forced all of the steam profiles into this new layout that looks like someone fired from facebook or myspace headed the design team. I'm done with steam, it's a fucking joke.



Quit crying, you don't even need to bother with or look at the Steam profile for games. I think it looks much better than the old Steam profile anyway.



The thought of having to "Earn" extra friends list slots seems really tacky and kind of insulting...

But the rest of it sounds interesting to say the least.

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