Steam for Schools Beta Barges into Classrooms Carrying Portal 2 Lesson Plans



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Adam Savage did a speech at Maker Faire and mentioned the drive to add art to the STEM initiative. How better to accomplish the goals of STEAM than the use of STEAM?



Oregon trail taught me not to ford a 20ft deep river during the spring, best to take the $5 ferry. It also taught that even if you kill 2000 lbs of bison in one shooting, you can only take 50 lbs back, what a bummer.



Heh, I remember the days of playing Oregon Trail and Math/Word Blasters in the computer lab in elementary school. I really wish I could go back into time and relive my elementary school days. Those were the best days of my life. Let's see EA try something like this. Oh wait, EA would suck the schools dry because the game won't properly function without $10-20 DLC.



I am literally drinking coffee out of a mug at this moment with a pixelated image of a wagon and the words "You have died of dysentery" underneath. Long live Oregon Trail!

This is a great idea. I would have given anything to play something beside that number munchers game (though it's the reason I learned my prime numbers) or Odell Lake (Rainbow Trout FTW!)

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