Steam Now Offering In-Game DLC



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I think you guys may be over-reacting to this new develpment.

Do you think that Valve, who has worked so hard to build up Steam (no pun intended), will work to ailenate its customer base. I'm sure that it won't dapen the user experience.




I Jedi

Agreed, but I'd rather not be annoyed by stupid messages from Steam in game unless the content I got from them was free. If I paid for it, then give me my product and leave me the hell alone. 



this is an accidental doublepost, damn microsoft's double click.



Just when i thought PC gaming was somewhere I could evade all of this "BUY THIS TO BE ABLE TO CONTINUE ONLINE MODE" or "You can't join this game server because you haven't bought this content, [BUY] [Go And Play Single Player for the 100th Time]) (The square brackets represented buttons) and really, i feel it's one step under subscriptions. I pay for World of Warcraft, which is a fair price considering the amount of employees that have managing servers and customers all the time, and it's something all my friends agreed on playing when we moved our separate ways. I'm not paying a subscription to play Counter Strike (2 if the rumors are true) like "pay 10 dollars to play for one month, or 200 hours, whatever comes first" I like the Terminator series, because  SkyNet isn't real, however, it is seeming more and more true, that skynet could be real, and it's got a different face and target, Gaming.


I Jedi

I would say the fairest way to make this work is to add an on and off switch. That way gamers who don't wish to be disturbed and annoyed by ads from games they have purchased won't. I believe, however, that downloading any free games offered by Steam already should have ads in them for say other games or buying that game. I think it only makes sense in this regard. Keep the balance and order of things, don't piss off your community, and continue to offer great products and innovation.



If you don't like it don't pay for it.  We all vote with our money.  If you feel buying that new medigun is crossing the line don't buy the game or don't but any of the addons.

Pretty simple.  Its called a free market economy its been around awhile people just don't realize how much power they have.



Steam got my sister pregnant.



Why in the world would Valve make us pay for FREE CONTENT. Games and addons/downloads are meant to be free, as in beer. I don't like it one bit. Now expansion packs and such are a different story, but to pay for my medigun in TF2 would be a load of bull.


Also I don't like the new server policing that they are going to be comming out with. I think they are policing something that doesn't deserve or need it. Heck, a ranking system might be metter, but don't make my server F'ing dissapear off the server browser because people "come and go at will".



It is so funny to see the massive turn around people have made.  I remember how not so long ago people were screaming to boycott Steam as we would too reliant on them for our games.  Games with no disc, CrAzY!!!

 Now, I know people that buy nothing that is not available on STEAM.

I agree with the nickel and dime comment.  I am so tired of the buy a little more scheme.  The real clencher is the recent, buy the ability to play multiplayer for five dollars more now that you have our $60 game that was just released.



While I'll admit they've done a lot for PC Gaming they still have some major issues I'm not at all happy about.

- You can't resell your games, NOT even your retail games. I just bought Warhammer 2 and Empire Total War retail copies and they both tied themselves to Steam. If I hated them I am out of a $100. I should be able to resell my retail games.

- LAN PLAY. I can understand needing to lock down single or online play so you can't play off of one copy of a game. However Steam and other devs/publishers are starting to lock down spawnable LAN play. I should be able to play LAN play with my SON without having to buy two copies of it. 

- I still find myself fighting with offline mode even after following their directions some games refuse to start. 

- Valve says if anything ever happens to them they will remove the Steam chain so you will still be able to play your games without Steam authentication. My question is, if this is true why don't they start removing those chains from some of their older games as a show of good faith. Until then I don't trust them to do anything for their customers once they are gone.  Also how are you going to even install a retail game that requires Steam as part of the install process?

DLC, keep it. As a gamer with brains I'm not buying into corporates attempt to nickel and dime me. FRAK OFF WEASELS!.



dont stifle innovation :-) i respect it as a great move for valve and a means for more income.  valve and steam have brought us an invaluable tool that no other offers.  if only it sold XP licenses, and software apps (which is on the way i hope) they'd make a killing.  wheres their ticker symbol?

im surprised it took them so long to get this far, if i was their marketing exec, this would have been done ages ago!

on the other hand ive never personally experienced game DLC....but i cant imagine its that much worse then driving down the road and seeing 400 different offerings from A-Z. :-/ just my 2 cents.



I don't like this one bit.  Another way to nickel and dime gamers to death.  This is what I have to deal with when I play my PS3, I always keep coming back to the PC to get away from the DLC for purchase mentality.  Please stop this disturbing trend!



The problem you guy's do not understand, is Valve does not put purchasable DLC on there games. They simply did this to Support games that already do have DLC. Get your head out of your butt and understand that. Seriously.

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