Steam Hardware Survey: Mac Gamers Have More RAM, Faster Processors...Or Do They?



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i7 920

6GB ram

512 video with HD

Dual 21 inch screens

2 HDD = 1.7 TB


Although I don't do steam... so I'm not helping the cause.



MB: ASUS m4n82 Deluxe

Win 7 x64 hp

Phenom II x4 3.2ghz 955

8gb G-skill 1066 ram

2 500gb Seagate barracuda 7200

1 360gb WD Raptor 7200

EVGA GTX 275 1792mb

42" Phillips lcd TV @1920x1080p<- Crack (despite the heckles of many an unbelieving fool This thing is bar none the best monitor Ive ever had and everygame from crysis to Panzer General 2 looks supurb )

Logitech wireless kb

Mouse: Kensington TrackBall

 Back in the day when I was with the mom and pops  It was mac or nothing.  I used to buy pc gamer and boot magazine and drool endlessly at all the games and hardware goodies. I can remember when C&C finally made it to mac 5 yrs after pc had . 

That being said the last Mac I touched for gaming had a 603E 120mhz cpu

My first pc had a p2 300 oc'ed to 350 256 mb ram and a 12 mb voodoo 2

In all honesty if it werent for boot mag I probly would never have gotten so into pc's at all.  TY Max PC from the bottem of my heart. You made me therefore you Rock!

How far we have all come.

How Far Indeed


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