Steam Goes Mobile with New App for Android and iOS



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Anyone can download the app, but your steam account needs to be in the beta to actually log in. Sadly, mine is not so the app is just taking up space at the moment.



Great. Now its time for MaximumPC to have their own App. I mean guys are Maximum - freaking - PC. Gurus of technology. Jedis of content delivery. Dare I say, the "Egg McMuffin" of magazines, and you guys don't have a 'Droid App so I can download old issues from my subscription and get your news updates at the push of a finger??

Get with the program, MaxPC! Give us another reason to love you.



About damn time, Meebo can't link into Steam IM.



I am assuming that you can have this app open while still having steam open on your PC. What I would love to see out of this app is the ability to purchase a game from the app and have it start downloading to your PC.
Scene: You are at work and see a game you've been dying to play on sale via this app. You purchase immediately! When you get off of work you go home and find the game already downloaded and waiting to play.

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