Steam Big Picture Goes Live with Controller-Friendly Game Sale



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Peanut Fox

It looks nice, and all the function is there, but the layout is on the awful side. I was getting lost in the menus, and it's not inherently obvious that you can move vertically or horizontally through the pages. They need something to better indication that and also which page you'r on. Other than that it ran smooth and was easy to read.



I tried it and I must say this...


I've been launching games from steam using a controller for a long time now. I prefer XBMC.



I'm actually fairly disappointed so far. First time I opened it, it crashed steam. Second time, I make it to the settings, set my TV as default, and then the entire thing is just blank, so I have to alt+F4 out of it. Third time, it starts correctly, puts itself on the TV, but when I close it, it then switches up the order of my monitors. I know they can't test all of the configurations available, so I'm not too worried by this, but you'd think with their large beta that some of these simpler issues would have been discovered/fixed by now.



Interesting. I already have a "secondary" PC on my desk in a smallish case (using micro ATX motherboard, so not THAT small), that's for multiplayer PC games, and it's hooked up to my TV. I'm thinking now it's time to upgrade that sucker so I can make it into a high tech pseudo console using this new feature of Steam. Valve rocks!



LMAO CSGO, a controller friendly game!



HAHA. Oh dear God, PLEASE use a controller when you are playing CSGO against me!



If you have an HDTV hooked up to your gaming rig, you NEED to get in this!

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