Stealth Computer Releases Waterproof PC



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The manufacturer web site says: Stealth products are ideal for demanding applications within the Industrial, Commercial, Scientific Research, Military, Public Safety, Utility, Marine, Transportation, mining and Telecommunications markets.

Like many other PC web sites, it seems that the water pouring picture is what MPC noticed. I guess this is the effect intended by the manufacturer in order to generate exposure. But I'm not sure it helps reaching actual potential prospects. Anyway it is just a press release for yet another rugged PC for industrial or outdoors applications.

Google for "rugged pc" and browse, you will discover the most surprising PCs (e.g. they call THAT a notebook!?



By the way, I think you would have a lot of fun exploring the rugger PC industry. First you will come up with great articles describing systems whose selling prices will be way above what we can afford (as usual...). Second, you will be able to work on DIY articles telling us how to make a rugged PC for a fraction of the cost :-)



That thing will wish it was sleeping with the fishes when someone dumps a MS OS on it.



This would be a great device for harsh environments when combined with a gps and some i/o gear.  You could use it for machine guided heavy equipment work and possibly change plan specs on the fly, in the field, instead of stopping everything and going back to the main office for a redesign, say if you are building a road and some oddball things turn up in the path of the automated equipment.  Skynet to the rescue!



Just think of all the things you can do with that:

1- watch porn while you're in the shower or bath

2- Google-ing while suba diving

3- Twittering while outside in a hurrican.



Add a waterproof monitor,keyboard,mouse,DVD now your talking.

Linux Mint,Dual boot/Vista,AMD Athlon+ x2 5600,3 Gig ram,500 Gig HDD,ATI 1300 Video.



Waterproof is a bit strong of a word.  I bet Stealth didn't use that.  IP67 is waterproof to 1 meter.  Deeper than that and you are screwed.  So it isn't an underwater computer, but more along the lines of splash/normal environmental use.



From Stealth Computer's press release:

" Inc. (Stealth Computer) a leading ISO 9001 manufacturer of industrial rugged computers and peripherals has released the new Model WPC-500F, a waterproof rugged, small footprint, fanless computer for environments where ordinary computer hardware won't survive."

-Paul Lilly



it is way over priced.  The case alone is around 400 dollars.  And there is no way the insides would equal 400 dollars too.  Anyways I want to see how well this thing does submerged, then it might be more interesting to me.



So, are there many cheaper environmentally secure computers out there?  As for submerged, IP67 is rated to 1 meter only, so you aren't going to see much in the way of underwater computing.



But can it...baffle Radar...


I mean it is A STEALTH computer.

Coming soon to --Tokusatsu Heroes--
Five teenagers, one alien ghost, a robot, and the fate of the world.



They should market these to homeless people!

 Who uses their computer in a downpour?       -Denis



I can see it being used by someone who's offroading/hiking in the unknown, and needs a computer.  Or someone in a boat.  Maybe a military situation as well (although I don't know if it is ruggedized enough for that).



Seems like a terribly expensive product whose only claim to fame is that it is so rugged, but as soon as you loose one of those pretty little silver caps your screwed unless you keep the wires plugged in all the time.


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