StatCounter: More Than 50 Percent of PCs Now Run Windows 7



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I've been using Windows 7 since the December of the year it was released. It was tough to go back to using XP during the time I waited to grab a copy of Windows 7 from the shelves since the difference was basically night and day. Boot times from XP to 7 had reduced quite a bit for me and I was able to enjoy having a legitimate Aero desktop theme rather than some one-off XP desktop mod. However, I'm not surprised about XP still being used by about 50% of the world since all of their crap only works on that OS. Hell, even my dad's workplace, one of the top laboratories of the country still had to make a gradual transition to using Windows 7 in the past year or so (although the software my dad uses for his work ran into some compatibility issues and he had to continue using his XP machine).



I still run Vista on my gaming box. Not because I'm particularly fond of it, but because it's what I installed on the initial build and it works for that purpose. I learned many years ago that once you get a box up and running well, you should try not to mess with it. The law of unintended consequences is a bitch.

I'll build a new game box next year. Hope I won't be forced into Win8 -- unless by some miracle it doesn't suck as badly as I think it will. (Yeah, I know; how much worse can it be than Vista, right? I've said things like that before and regretted it.)



I recently read that worldwide XP is around 58% useage. They stated that the stats don't include China because they love XP over there. In fact they stated the Chinese delete Win7 and install illegal copies of XP on new computers.

I don't know if it's true but sounds like it could be possible.



The more interesting story is what areas of the world have adopted 50% Win 7.

US is less than 50% while many Europian countries are over.

China and India lead the pack in decade old OS penetration.

I also find it funny Win Vista is used more than OS X


John Pombrio

Brad, could you pull up the graph above and use it in the article? It better shows the big change that has happened over the past few years and does a better job of showing Linux.

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