Starz Outlines its Digital Strategy Post Netflix



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I'll give them a shiny nickel for each television episode, and a slightly less shiny quarter for each movie. If they want to toss out some new releases in 1080p with surround sound, I'll give them $1. Beyond that, I may as well stick with Netflix and Redbox.



It would be entirely based on the cost to content ratio. If they want to charge the same as Netflix they better have a comparable amount of content. I think cable companies that try to offer their own streaming service without sharing to the popular streaming companies are going to lose out in the long run, especially if they require you to already have a cable subscription with them.



Sony is already reading a release of a streaming service with other main studies - Walt Disney is not part of the group - as they wish to release thier own streaming service.

the concept is that you will pay a seperate subscription to each :house: and instead of the lower price  by the time you add it all up you will back to 50-90 a month on movies subs.

other limitations will be placed as well- time limits to stream the movies, so only 3 days and once played you get to pay for it again.

what is happening to netflx as a distribution channel almost sounds like what is happening with Steam and the gaming publishers.




If they charged maybe $5.00 per month for there entire streaming library it MIGHT work. The proviso is that they can't do what HBO did and make it part of the actual HBO channel subscription that means you HAVE to have cable or satellite to get it. If HBO did this I would keep HBO2go all the time. Oh that and they better get a app out there for ROKU if they want to sell it. As well as any number of other set top boxes. And in the end now that I think about it, I believe I get the on demand library from Starz through Dish with there blockbuster  movie pass which is a much better deal.



I wish hbo starz and showtime would off subscriptions to there channels online without the need to sign up for a cable or satellite provider but since they won't want to step on any toes I doubt that's gonna happen anytime soon.



I think this is a good idea.  I understand why they are coming off Netflix.  Being on Netflix has hurt their business.  Why subscribe to starz if you have netflix?  I no longer have Cable or Satellite.  I got rid of them because I got tired of paying their high prices. 


With the internet, if more companies would do this, then we can decide what we want.  If they charge too much for a channel then people would not get that channel.  People download pireted content because they are tired of paying the prices.  There would be a lot less pireting if Prices were more affordable.  Redbox proved this.  We can rent a movie for $1 again and people pireting movies went down some.  Now if there was an online place to rent a new movie for $1, I bet that place would just boom.


So if Starz, HBO, etc would charge for online content, with out charging too much, I bet they would do good.



OK, Starz, you are no longer making a cent off me. I have Netflix and am fine with it, but I cancelled my cable TV a few years ago and nothing can make me go back - it's only crap and the stuff worth watching I can get off the air, and it costs money. These companies just keep forgetting that when they act like assholes that people will just head over to bittorrent.



So wanting to make money off of your product is acting like an asshole?

How entitled a people we have become. 


Peanut Fox


No.  It's more about having to handle another bill in my inbox, and having to learn and use a different portal for Stars only content.  I'm trying to imagine paying just for Stars content especially if I already had it in a cable package.  I think anything more than 10 dollars a year starts to make me wonder if what I'm getting is value added video.

Stars is putting their content behind another fence, and I think most folks are tired of climbing them to watch the TV they want.  I'm not endorsing it, but it seems torrenting would be easier.  I understand Stars has to remain profitable to deliver content, so here is hoping this venture works out for them. 




I'm going to agree with you.  This sounds like they want to start their own Netflix, specifically with Stars content.  It sounds like another 8-10$'s a month.  I like having everything in a nice little package, like Netflix or Hulu.  I pay for both of these services to have all the content I want.  But Stars movies were very shitty quality on Netflix from what I remember. 


If everyone starts coming out with their own little 8-10$ service fee's for each set of movies they own the rights too the streaming online business is going to go tits up.  Nobody wants to pay cable prices for online content.  Everyone goes to online content cause it's cheaper and there's nothing on TV.  


Give me a service where I can choose what TV channels I want through my provider and charge me a set rate for said channels.  I'm sure it wouldn't be hard to setup in this day and age.   



I agree with but the problem is that the content providers aren't going to want to take less to offer their product online then what they're used to making via cable.  Basically if they can't make more by doing it then they already are then there's no point in their doing it at all. 


Red Ensign

Then they're going to go under and there's nothing they can do about it. Their days of piggy-backing off of the cable industry are coming to a close as cable is struggling. There's no way the people in charge of Starz could have missed the outrage of the paying public when Netflix made all their changes. People are not/will not pay extra to every little content provider who dreams of going big time with their own digital distribution. They don't seem to understand they do not have enough content to make it on their own. It won't be the first and it won't be the last that some desperate CEO drives his company into the ground making poor decisions.



The only ones who will go under are the ones that either don't have any content of their own or content that nobody cares about.  If they have a product that people care about people will pay for it. 

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