Stardock: Only 23% of Demigod Players Even Tried to Play Online



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  Diablo2, Starcraft, Age of Empires, Heroes of Might and Magic, Warcraft, the list goes on and on. I have played all of these and finished all the single player campaigns. Even with WOW, I never group and the only guild I belong to is one I created just for my own players. They has been a lot of games that I never bought because of a lame or non existant single player campaign.

 Why? three good reasons. One is the frustration of waiting around to find someone to play with and then having the person just bail for no good reason. Another is that I enjoy my games set at my own pace. Having to frantically mash buttons just to try to keep up sucks. Finally, having a player who is clueless or even worse, much better than me.

I avoid chess and Monoloply for the same reson. Stratego and batgammon are fine.


Josiah Charley

I too have played all these games and I'm currently playing Hellfire again, just for old times' sake. But not playing Starcraft online, after you've finished the campaigns, kind of ruins the whole training part. If you would have watched Yellow's replays, you would had definitely wanted to crash everything in the way. With a good Internet connection and a PC protection that doesn't take a lot of memory up, like Data Center Security, I am waiting for the right players, like you said.



I was somewhat intrigued by Demigod, so I downloaded the demo and tried it out. Lasted about 15 minutes and then it was gone. I just have zero interest in playing mutiplayer any more. Hell, the last time (other than my MMO addiction, but then I am avoiding all MMOs for that reason) I played multiplayer was in the heyday of Quake II.

For one, I am almost 38 and gaming with teens or young 20s folk, ESPECIALLY if there is any sort of chat in the game, is just too annoying. It's not that they are better or anything, I am an old school gamer.  It's just that they are generally so damn infuriatingly immature. My wife plays some dumb game called "Gunz" and she is always bitching to me about what some little twit did or said, and I just get tired of even hearing about it. I also get tired of trying to decipher what it is they are even saying. "r u a n00b?" No, dipshit, I just know how to construct a coherent sentence. 



Only clueless devs and gamers say singleplayer is dead. WRONG! I game singleplayer the huge majority of my gaming time. No disrespect intended to Stardock. Love any devs that support PC gaming.



I don't think the developers are clueless.  I think that they're going the easy/cheaper path. Doing AI/etc. for single player is hard work. It's easier just to toss in multiplayer and have live people deal with being the competition.



Firstly, Demigod can't really be considered a true RTS game.  It's more of a hybrid RTS/RPG game.  It is a GREAT game, it just take some mental prowess to figure out at first.  Once you get the hang of the general concept of the game, going online is the ONLY way to play this game.  The AI is great for figureing out how to play and forming strategies in terms of gameplay, but online is where the action is.



I'm kind of guilty...after all, I never took Sins of a Solar Empire online...still waiting on my single-player storyline, too...and with such a dramatic opening cinema, I just feel hollow and bitter without one...Come on Stardock, hire some writers, produce some good old fashioned single-player content, complete with a gosh-darned protection-mission.



There really was no online at launch and it didn't get much better as time went on. I was looking forward to the online tournaments but hugely disappointed. This game had great support and GPG/Stardock did everything to fix the game and still offer support but the player dropoff was simply to great. Demigod is easily one of my favorite and most disappointing games of 2009.


Mighty BOB!

EA did a study of their RTS titles some number of months/years ago (within the last 5 years) and 70% of players did not go online.



The closest thing I've played is Final Fantasy series on PS1 and loved it..... i mainly play action/fps's... i thought id give this a try, but couldnt figure out how to play.



The reason it wasnt that succesful is that you can play the beta for Heroes of Newerth for free, and its a better game.



ORLY????  Or is this just a shameless plug?



Demigod is only good online

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