Stardock Developing "I Can't Believe It's Not DRM" DRM Alternative



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You have:

"Although Wardell's plan still has all four limps planted safely in the cradle ..."

I think you meant "limbs", unless you think the idea is hobbled from the beginning. 

Good article though.



To be honest, I have stopped paying attention to new game releases.  So far, I have purchased 12 games from Good Old Games ( and plan to get several more.  At $6 to $10 apeice, you can't go wrong.  They have NO DRM at all.  You can burn them to disk for archive, and install them on every computer you own!  Most of them even run well on those little netbooks everyone has been going gaga over lately.

Leasing new games from the likes of EA?  Naw.  These will do me just fine. 

-- An armed man is a free man. --



Yeah, GOG rocks. Best idea for a marketplace I've seen in a long time.

 Also, for those who are already proclaiming Wardell's solution a Steam-alike, note that his plan isn't even close to complete. Now whether that means it'll become better or worse, well, we can't really know at this point. 



My big issue with Steam is the terrible download speeds, whether it be on my University connection (10kB/sec, shaped) or home (45kB/sec on a 6Mbit DSL line).  The speeds suck!  The concept itself is fine.



Your first mistake was DSL, your second mistake was not living in the U.S. or a very rural setting. Move to civilization and enjoy broadband.



I have a 9Mb cable connection and I usually get 400k-1M download speeds from Steam, maybe your ISPs are screwing with your downloads.



Yes, good ol' Steam does it right with one time activiation. I think the main problem with Steam or any other pc games online distribution stores is and has always been slow downloads/reinstallation of games. They don't realize most people don't have a blazing fast internet connection so getting your game would take hours max which is a pain in the ass compared to using good ol' disc/s which would take at least a few minutes to install. In a perfect world, you should be able to buy a game digitally with a retail box or maybe just cheap, unlabeled backup cd/dvds copies included to be shipped to you at no added cost and with no shipping charge either with the same activation code as your digital download, but thats just wishful thinking.



I agree, that is really the only way I will ever buy digital copies of a game if I know i am getting a physical version in the mail.



This idea is not a problem.





what there describing is pretty much Steams DRM. the game is assigned to YOU, not your machine

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