Stardock’s “Goo” DRM Makes Steamworks Obsolete



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i enjoy your article. great job. <a rel="follow" href="">keep it simple</a>



Stardock has my respect for doing lots of neat and different things, and for their stance against the DRM invasion.  But, while it took me a really, really long time to finally get on the Steam bandwagon, as created my first account around October I think and bought The Orange Box, I am really a big fan of Steam now.  Sure its DRM, but its DRM that actually gives me a TON of benefits.  It gives me a reach around, if you will.  In fact it, goes out of its way to pleasure me in many sordid and nasty ways.  Ok, I am going a bit far, but I do like it.



I Jedi

Thank God almighty we (Gamers) are free at last once more!


Lord Omega

It really is about time that they did something like this. It will make it easier on all of us who game because it will allow us all to see our old games :D



About time! I hated the fact that I had to install Steam in order to play Dawn of War 2. I never noticed that stipulation when I bought the game, and only after I opened the box. I don't want to install anything other than the game I purchased.

It's like "negative billing" forcing you to buy a bunch of things just to get the one thing you want, a la the cable companies. In this case you have to install some ohter companies software to get the software you want just to run. I'm not into the whole digital distribution thing yet, I like to have my physical media still. Anyway forcing people to jump on the Steam bandwagon by tying software you don't buy from Steam is ridiculous and unfair. The only positive thing to Steam is the automatic game updates. I think this "GOO" idea is way better!



True ownership of your game library – as opposed to paying for the right to play your games until their distributor shuts down?


GaSP you mean i can own the games i buy? Is this a drug halucination? How is such a dream posible? 



While this sounds really great, I fear it might not succeed as Stardock isn't that big of a player.  Sure they released a few good games and UI modifying software... in the end I think they'll have a hard time lining companies up.



Well, I'm glad Stardock knows the way DRM *should* be, but I don't understand how they're planning on doing this from the article.  I read from the linked origin, which wasn't much more specific but it did say they were planning on putting the putting the Impulse Reactor and the game into a single executable container.  This would seem to be tied to the Impulse platform then.  What's really going on here?



Yeah, I'm a bit confused myself how exactly this works. Great to know WHAT it should do, but even better to know HOW it's doing it.



I second this, if i don't know how, why will i buy it? I won't...I happen to like steam anyhow, not like it's a program that bothers me. Just like me having Xfire on all day, which i do. (Both of those need a linux native client....)



Do we know of any upcoming games that will use this service?



Stardock is expected to make an announcement about that next month.

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