StarCraft II Delayed into 2010



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Not to burst your bubble, but keep in mind that next year will mean its time for the next World of Warcraft expansion, providing they keep with the current development cycle of rougly 2 years (which seems to be decreasing- there's only one major lich king content patch left after all). So, unless we will get THREE blizzard releases next year (and I don't think we're that lucky), my money goes to SC2 and the next Warcraft expansion.



I just wanted StarCraft 2 for LAN parties. Screw you blizzard.



I wouldn't be surprised to see battlefield 1943 delayed as well as the PC version of DIRT 2. Devs like to pin down dates before even finalizing a game title. Pull a Bioware and never announce a release date until you're within 4-5 months of launch...the only down side to the bioware dev process is you must take 5-6 years out of your life to develope a repetative RPG.

 Anyway...not all is lost. This november we get the chance to buy the same game a second time! I'm speaking of left 4 dead 2. *sarcasm*

Oh and modern warfare 2...also known as "AC130 SPAWN RAPING 2".



What the Hell Blizzard!?! What the Hell?



This isn't surprising.

I said last year that SC2 wouldn't come out that year, or this year, and have stood by that ever since. And I said that before it was broken up.



I dont think it really matters. Alot of folks aren't buying because they took out LAN action. Besides, C&C4 is a better prospect to begin with. More power to them but I haven't bought a Blizzard product since the original Starcraft and I don't plan on buying anymore.



Hmmm... is the primary reason for delay because it's going to be a major element to the gaming experience. It's almost like they took out the option for LAN multiplayer and are now only able to offer it through their service. Oh wait..... --
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Nathan, when are your articles on game release dates going to be delayed?


No seriously.


This has gone from ridiculous to comedic and back to ridiculus again. 



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