Starbucks Offering Free Wi-Fi as of July 1



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I live in Manhattan and when I go to any SBUX location, I usually tether my phone and laptop...but after reading this article, I thought I would try out their free wifi. Well...the speed pretty much sucks. I just tested it and I got 1.39 down and 1.40 up. I guess it's fine for surfing the web, checking email, reading posts, etc. But if I needed to do any intensive downloading, I'll have to stay home :-/. Shouldn't complain too much though; it's free!



The real issue is privacy, people need to pay attention... this is an invitation to criminals, Big Brother, etc to WiFi spy... if you don't believe me just Google WiFi spying and see what you are up against ....  A FREE SOLUTION is use a FREE webDAV app to sync your files, contact list, calendar, etc with a FREE SwissDisk account.  SwissDisk is always end-to-end encrypted.  iPhone/iPad user can use the free app OverTheAir from the itunes app store... Blackberry, Droid, Palm users can use the free for personal use app from pader-sync either the -DAV or -FM app because SwissDisk is a webDAV service... stay safe out there my friends!



Where I live, Biggby Coffee has MUCH better coffee, and the wi-fi is and always has been free with no limits.



I don't go to Starbucks, but this headline was funny cause I just assumed it was free anyway.



I think it wouldn't hurt to ask if Starbuck's credit card system is protected from hackers getting in through the WiFi. I say that because here in Columbus, Ohio that happened @ a bar. But if thats not a problem, then i say it's a good deal especially for those business situations where you can have some coffee while still able to connect and keep in touch with a client.

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If they're dealing with credit cards, they need to have the POS system on a seperate secured network from the public wifi unless the POS system does it's own encryption, otherwise you're in violation of PCI-DSS, which is grounds to lose your merchant account.



I think that Starbucks has gained a few friends here, charging for a customer to use your connection seems silly, maybe requiring that they have a one time use code from the drink wrapper, but to charge. Thank you for finally changing it.


Talcum X

 to get the free wi-fi.


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I have a Starbucks card I use to buy their burnt coffee maybe once a month. For that, I get 2 hours of WiFi a day. Seems to me this is better than having to watch ads.

If you spend more than 2 hours a day sitting in a Starbucks, you might want to consider finding a job.



I just recently (2 months ago or so) parked near a Starbucks and all I had to do for free service was log in with my AT&T account information.  After that, it was free surfing.  I just needed some directions, so I didn't stay logged on long, so there could've been a time limit I was not aware about, but there was no clock countdown or anything.

 Does this mean that now I have to register with Starbucks first to get access to this new service or will it remain unchanged for AT&T subscribers?  Thanks in advance for any help.

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