Starbucks Free Wi-Fi is Live



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It's cool on the net to hate Starbuck's but I love the place...

It's funny because there are some other coffee shops around here that everyone says are "better" but when you go there you find that they are VERY often worse or sometimes outright suck and then you understand why no one actually goes to them in spite of them getting talked up: they really aren't that great but no one wants to admit Starbuck's is excellent for fear of the reverse cultural backlash it received after it's mega-expansion.

Shame really because Starbucks is a great company and does a quality job with their products, IMHO. By design they are an upscale place.

It IS about time they got Free WiFi, though. So, sweet... Nice (and needed) addition.




Starbucks helps me wake up in the morning, plus they have delicious Artisan sandwiches. Get me a Mocha Frappachino anyday.

To comment on the article topic: 

This is will interesting to see what type of setups they are going to develop.  Making more space for people or less space to keep people out. I also wonder if they are going to kick people out who are having LAN parties in the store. LOL.





This would be great if there was a starbucks in my vicinity. Besides, I happen to like SB coffee. Especially their cappaccino's.

I have to PooP!



Their beverages are not at all tasty.  You don't go there for the beverages, of course.  You just go there for the "hey everybody look at my apple product!!" status while writing a blog nobody reads.



lol, also as they say, StarBurnt coffee.



Indeed!  We've got a locally owned coffee shop and their stuff is way better, at the additional benefit of being under half the price of starbucks!  I stop by every morning.




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