Star Wars: The Old Republic Gunning For WoW's Throne



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This starwars thing is no threat to Blizzard because even if WOW, some thing that is SEVEN years old, dose lose its 1st place in just about everything that relates to a MMORPG, SWOR will not hold what it probably wont even achive for long, why, because Code name TITAN will be the only thing to kill wow. Make no mistake Blizz is a perfectionist when it come to games. You want to compare something, compare Starcraft 2 with any other RTS, then after you do that i dare you to compare anything with Blizzards work.


But hey for all you starwars fans it should be fun to see SWOR compete with a $180,000,000.00gross a month game right?



I dont know what they are taklking about.  WOW has a rich story line.  Comments from developers that dont even really play a game has no right to even talk.  I wont play Star Wars.  Why you might ask. Lets see, star trek and about 1000 other mmorpgs that failed.  Wow will never be dethroned.  The first time i played EQ i was like meah so what.  Wow was different.  Story was richer game play smoother. Then Bliz goes and does Cat. great addition to a already awsome story line.  WOW junkies need more coffie hehe



I played SWG when it first came out for about a year and had a great time. The one failing imo was the lack of direction, lack of a story line at all. Being a big fan of Bioware I have absolutely no doubt that they will correct this as well as incorporate ui and gameplay ideas from WoW and Aion. I will absolutely play this game when it comes out and am already certain from what Ive seen that it will be better than WoW. Me and my friends who are long time WoW subscribers have pretty much all agreed that as soon as TOR is released we will probably never play WoW again.


agent 47

I'm a old SWG fan from way back way before they had swoops and they had perma death. All you people you ho and say well there is already a star wars mmo out there and its crap should know the whole story. True SWG is basically nothing but a crap fest right now I fully admit that but at one time in my opinion it was one of the best mmo's I've played. I never and still havent seen a more flexible way to create and level your character than the way you could is swg (pre NGE.) I mean to have a TK with Fencer defences and swordsman defences it was awesome, not to mention the doc rifleman out there. I loved the player housing and how you had a feeling of ownership when you actually had items to place in your house. SWG at one time was the best mmo. But I agree if they can take the good things that SWG once had and implement them in this new game I will be playing again, and I have no doubt that it will reign over World of Warcraft 



I just can't get into a game that i have to pay a subscription for.  it should be pay once, and that's the end.



I've said it before, and I'll say it again, if you want to play an MMO there is an enormous overhead that can only be paid for with a subscription service.  Someone has to maintain the servers, fix the glitches, provide customer service, etc.  Those people aren't going to work for free.  I've had enough of hearing from you cheap idiots who can't seem to understand how the economy works at even the most basic level. 

YOU CAN'T HAVE YOUR GAMES FOR FREE!  At least not legally.

I have played WoW consistently for 2.5 years, and for that entire time someone has had to be on the other end, making sure I have an enjoyable experience.  I really don't think the $40 I plopped down almost 3 years ago is going to hold them over, even with the additional $40 for the expansion.  Furthermore, have you ever played any video game that you own for over 2 years?  There is a value that you get for the experience that you pay for. 

If the company cannot make a profit on a game, they will not make that game, if they cannot make a profit on any games, they will not make any games.  How would you like that?






I can say this: If you're like me and you enjoy rpg's for the story, the current bread of MMO's are next to useless. If Bioware can create a persistent world with an endless stream of good stories, always providing interesting things to do, they will revolutionize the genre. This much is for sure - When this is released I'll be playing it. I'm sure I'm not the only one. The real question is if Bioware can keep everyone coming back for more...



Okay, yeah it's Star Wars and everything and I will probably try it.  But here is the thing.  It better not be something like Guild Wars where everything is an instance and you don't have to group with people.  Which is what it seems to be looking like to me.  I'll have to wait until I get my new issue of PCG and read about it more.  I just think that the last few games LA has done and the mistakes they made with SWG it just doesn't have the appeal it once did. 

And another thing, it better have ship to ship dogfighting like SWG.  That was probably the best part of SWG.  In fact I hope that they take the best from SWG and incorporate it.  Ya know, like everything before the NGE patch :)

 Except the housing, I know that as good as it was to have our own town and housing, and I really do miss my houses, it did leave a mess when the mass subsq. cancelation happend.

I was a SWG player from about the start until about a month after the NGE and to this day I still miss it.  I won't even try it unless there is space combat.  And when Blizzard anounces the World of Starcraft MMO that they are working on and if they offer something like SOE's Station pass so I can play both for a lower price, I won't ever leave :)

It would take alot for me to invest myself in another MMO, and they will have to do a hell of a lot to beat Blizzard.



What about the fact that their is already a Star Wars MMO? I think most people either forget about it or just don't know it.  I don't think this one will be very much if any better than the one that is already out there.



I don't think starwars will take the crown.  I mean it was 1976 when it came out.  I am not saying there is not a loyal fan base of SW fans out there.  I was born the year starwars came out and I admit I really liked star wars growing up but....its not the same now that I am older.   I also haven't seen to many kids out there talking about star wars.

THe big thing about WOW is warcraft was a huge genre across multiple platforms and cultures.  It was world wide, and became a competitive system ie: warcraft 1,2, and 3.  The RTS also had great story telling.

Can bioware compete, I hope they make a better product but I don't think they will succeed in attracting a larger user base.



The time when a SW MMO could have ruled was after the release of Return of the Jedi and before release of Phantom Menace.  That was the period when the fan people were most desperate for a fix.

Launching at the opportune time is not by itself enough though.  Give WoW it's props, it's easy to play (in comparison to other MMOs) and it's an easy load on commonly available platforms, so average Joe Gamers don't feel like they're left behind.  Without those two advantages even a very faithful SW game would not rise to WoW heights.

Many new MMO's are aping WoW's user interface and/or style of game play, but that isn't enough, because it isn't a clear advantage over just playing WoW.  I suspect you'll need a radically easier interface (Wii on steroids?) AND better graphics without requiring Ferrari class computer rigs for entry to unseat WoW. 



I think Star Wars may be like WOW and EQ in a way but with a more modern feel to it witch I think I would want to play.



I know i'll be playing it.  Can't wait to see more of the old republic



what is all these MMO's trying to conquer WoW. It can't be done.



That's what they said about EverQuest. =)



I am a Star Wars fanboy but I just don't think the audience is as large as everyone thinks. Just because the license is huge it doesn't guaranatee success. LOTR is stable but can't touch WoW's numbers. It can't just be Star Wars. It has to be the gameplay and the community. Not every girlfriend is going to want to jump ship from WoW and move to KOTR when thier bf does. When was the last time you even heard of gfs getting into an MMO? The next game that has a chance at surpassing WoW will have to have that kind of mass appeal. It will also have to run on 14 million users pcs. Look at the specs for Mass Effect. If this game is anything like that or even takes a few baby steps forward it will be cutting out users. If it doesn't then the hardcore will whine about the weak WoW graphics. This game could surpass WoW someday just because of the huge audience and the kids who will be turning old enough to play that are watching the movies but it will take a long time to get there. Anyone entering the MMO market should be happy just to be making a profit. Even Blizzards next big MMO will have a hard time overtaking WoW. It won't have the mass market appeal without being a WoW clone.



 Champions Online is no Mass Effect, nor is LoTRO, DCU, City of Heroes, hell even The Realm. MMOs are a different beast then single player. Sure theirs going to be a few whiners saying it doesnt have Crysis level of eye candy but until Crysis becomes midrange they have to be content with single player. The higher the graphics the worse the lag. Hell i can play LoTRO in max settings fine in most cases on my laptop but im content with low/medium

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