Star Wars: The Old Republic Not Launching Until April 2011 at The Earliest



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I am not sure this date is a surprise to anyone.  That being said... what do we do in the meantime.  I know Bioware likes to polish so lets hope it is all worth the wait.  We are counting on you Bioware don't let us play WoW forever.



@ Biceps.  Perhaps you just don't have the "sand" or what it takes to be a mmo player.  It's not a bad thing, it's just that you have tried some of the best in the business, and simply do not like them.  I would instead go for RPG's and action games that can hold your attention more.  The 'grind' that you speak of is simply the effort that has to be put in place to succeed at a mmo.  That's why those 'leet' enough to have top lvl everything in a game like WoW are so cocky.  It's because they earned it, and didn't just 'beat the game' as so many other types of games let you do.  In other words, if you played WoW, and still don't like mmo's, then the genre simply isn't for you.

As for the topic of this article goes.  I'll wait for a long, long, time, in a galaxy far, far, away for this game to come out.  dro.Ol =)



You know, I have largely given up on the whole MMO thing.  It has been very hard to find an MMO with enough depth to hold my interest past the level twenty-something mark for Warhammer, WoW, Fallen Earth, Global Agenda, and so on.  I really have tried, and really WANT to find a good MMO.  The problem for me has always been in the implementation - games should be fun, not grinds.  80 levels of doing the same thing just isn't interesting.

Here is to hoping BioWare can get it really right.  They did so well with Bioshock and with Dragon Age, so I have faith in their story-telling ability.  I have no problem with them holding off till April or even later, if they do a great job and finally produce an MMO that is intersting to me.

So far, the best I have found is Eve Online - lot's of depth, and not just hacking at boars (bores?) for 80 levels.



The level of spam on this site is unacceptable.


Biceps what really gets to me.

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