Star Wars: The Old Republic Getting Free-to-Play Option in Fall



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In January they claimed that a Mac version was the next big target they had. Guess that isn't happening now.

One of the biggest problems w/the game from the beta (IMO clearly) was the fact that your choices don't really matter. Let me explain. Play a Bounty Hunter thru the newb world and then play an IA. You will do a lot of the same quests so make sure to answer them differently. basically you get 2 different lines of banter, then right back to the same followup question. The only answers that actually matter are the light/dark side ones and even then, you frequently end up w/the same results (you didn't kill this guy, but the hutt informs you he had him killed by someone else) so WTF does any of it matter? So lame.

That said, I enjoyed my Bounty Hunter and Sith Sorceror the most. I had been holding off playing till there was a Mac client (I left Windows for a reason, I don't want to dual boot thanks) and now that looks even farther off, if ever happening



The in-game chat and forum commenters are filled with "The game is dead" "This game is dying" "F2P will kill this game". I disagree. Star Trek Online started out as a sub game then when that didn't work out, they went F2P and is still alive today.. with new content still being added.

For me, I am playing this game, SWTOR, a lot and have enjoyed it since beta. Even with F2P being available, I will continue to sub to it.

If you hate the game, why the hell are you in the game at all to be sitting there and blasting it. Go play something else. Children.

F2P won't kill SWTOR. It may "kill" the interest for some, but will bring in more players, imo.



I just came back to it a month ago. D3 was a huge disappointment and I realized I had more fun playing this than D3 so it was a no brainer. It going FTP is pretty cool as I have a few friends who would play but they prefer D3's free online vs this being 15$ a month. I'll probably still pay though simply because I think it's worth it and want to enjoy the more advanced stuff.

Still, if you want to think of it this way, lvl 50 is basically the main story. So you get a sweet Kortor sequal for free with 8 great story lines (well, I can honestly say I've only played 4 of them so far, I like the Sith stories).



just un sub'd



Game was great level 1-50. It was obvious that they were focusing on the casual gamers though. I have never felt less of a part of a gaming community. There were several times when I would try to post some constructive criticisms about the game to just be flamed on the forums and then have my posts removed. So many fan boys over there that wouldn't know a good game if it bit them in the butt. SWTOR had great potential unfortunately it just didn't live up to those expectations. One huge reason for that was because of the developers being slow to release anything. Also they were swinging the nerf bat really hard before I left. Making empty promises and missing important release dates on new content and features. BG Pvp was good for a while but then it became stale. End game PVE was way too easy even on Nightmare modes. The only thing that ever slowed us down on content was bugs. Open World PvP was a joke.. but at least we had a good system for getting the rewards until they decided to patch it to make it not worth doing (especially on servers where population is extremely lop sided). Dual Specs didn't ever come while I was there which was a huge let down (not sure if it's in the game now). Also they kept promising ranked pvp and pushing the dates further and further back. All that was being pushed down our throats was "Reroll toons". I'm done with that game.. good riddance.



SWToR is a perfect example of building a ridiculously expensive game 5+ years out of date. Whether it is EA or they were just due, SWToR has not lived up to Bioware's past works. Lets hope it and Blizzard's Diablo3 are not signs of best PC developers going to crap and rather a bump in the road.



Obviously we will never know, but I'm going to point fingers at EA and Activision for being greedy. I have no doubt that they pressured BioWare into rushing the game, which is exactly how it felt, rushed and missing content or unfinished content. Developers keep trying to match WoW's quality in half the dev time. You simply can't develop for just a few years and expect to release a fantastic mind blowing game that people will play for years on end.



funny thing to me is that the game is all about the first 50 levels (i.e. what's going to be free), as that's where the storylines are. After that, it's just the same old 'grind to get loot so you can grind to get more loot' that every MMO does.



Why they cannot just lower the monthly sub rate? Try $9.99 or $4.99, heck even a $1.99 for full game access. They are stuck on this $14.99 model; give it a deep discount for a 1-year sub - $99.99 for a full year?

I canceled it after 6 months, the server transfers came too late in the game to keep me interested anymore. It had so much potential too.



Doom doom doom, another one bites the dust!

"Players want flexibility and choice. The subscription-only model presented a major barrier for a lot of people who wanted to become part of The Old Republic universe,"

Translation: Game is bad, can't compete with WoW, so we are desperate!



Oh, you mean the F2P option Bioware swore wasn't coming for a very long time to come? More evidence of the fallout Bioware is experiencing from ME3. Well...ok, not really, but still, LOL!

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