Star Wars Galaxies Unaffected by Star Wars: The Old Republic, Will Run "Indefinitely"



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During the 4th of May all Star Wars enthusiasts are giving recognition to Yoda's wisdom his memorable line May the fourth be with you. It's a day to remember the Star wars in general through the great Star Wars quotes. But I guess it's a linked English word and Yoda's own words - Almost a foreign language. "May the fourth be with you guys."



All Games ahve short coming  no game has never been rated 100%, sorry all MMO do. WOW for example is one of the most simplistic and boring game i ever played. But SWG is not dead your sever may be dead. I play on chilastra and i have since day 1 and always had an active pop. Game is not the same but it is improving all time and rem its 5 years old and its still  going.




I bought Galaxies on day 1 when it came out a few years ago. I played it for hours every day for a long time and loved it.  Then they went through several revamps of the combat and levelling/class systems and the game went to hell.  My entire guild quit, and before I knew it, I didn't know anybody in the game any more.

They offered a free month this summer to try to get old subscribers back, and I logged on for the first time in a long time.  The old places I used to hang at were completely deserted.  There was nothing going on.

I will try Old Republic when it somes out, but I will never go back to Galaxies.



I'd buy a new X-wing/Tie Fighter in a second as long as its not consolized.

I'd also snap up a new Jedi Knight.

Lucasarts has lost it's focus for pc gaming. They used to be leaders. Lately they've been releasing random crap.  Kotor was their last hurrah.  The Battlefront series where consolized making them boring for pc gamers. We played Battlefront 2 at our last LAN party and dueling with sabers is a joke compared to Jedi Knights.

I didn't realize people still played SW: Galaxies. 


Keith E. Whisman

This kinda reminds me of that South Park episode where George Lucas and Steven Spielberg forcefully rape Indiana Jones repeatedly throughout the episode. I think that is what they are also doing to SW games. They are raping it for every last cent they can get out of it.



 Too many people complaining that "there are too many Star Wars Games".  Stop buying them then.  But don't you dare say Knights of the Old Republic is just another milking of the Star Wars Series.  KOTOR 2 was the last Star Wars game I bought and that was 4 years ago.


Don't go buying every Star Wars game in existence and then complain later that "They are making too many Star Wars games" especially when TOR is announced.


KOTOR is not just another Star Wars game.  It pretty much won game of the year for 2003 unanomously.  People buy KOTOR games because they are good, not because they are Star Wars games.  And the games don't just "rape" the Star Wars universe, but completely reinvent it.


I dunno if you deserved this roast in particular Whisman, but there have been a lot of naysayers on the MPC boards going on about how "There are too many Star Wars games".


KOTOR has and always will be set appart from the rest of the Star Wars related games.



Slow down there, tiger. I don't think the problem is that there are 'too many' Star Wars games, just that the level of quality isn't as expected in every game. And in that case it's OK to complain a little. We expect more from Lucas and and his cronies. Or maybe we just expect too much.

Personally I don't see why they haven't continued the Tie Fighter/X-wing series. They were incredible. Not a lot of badass space combat sims these days.

And just for the record, they totally 'raped' Indiana Jones. Quite possibly my favorite series of all time, and now I have to pretend that garbage they released in the fourth movie doesn't exist. Swinging with monkeys!?!? Really Lucas? ... Really? Stop targeting the kids and release a movie for the fans that have stuck by ya for over 20 damn years!

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