Star Wars in 3D Targets Theaters in 2012



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hmm....there's supposed to be a major disaster in we know what it is...Jar Jar in 3D



I can live without seeing the prequels, as they are crap.  However, I will definately see the original episodes in theaters.  I don't care if they look like crap, I'm too young to have seen them when they originally came out in theaters, so this is my only chance to watch three of the most epic movies ever on the big screen



Looks like I got 4 years to wait before there's a 3D movie I'll be interested in MAYBE seeing...



Burn in hell alien doppleganger of George Lucas!



While Star Wars "fans" whine about Lucas changing things and Star Wars being re-released again, I'm going to go see Star Wars in the theatre again and I'm going to have a blast.

You know, back when the Special Editions came out over ten years ago, before the prequels, that was when I was most involved in the fandom. And plenty of fans didn't like the new scenes, and were getting wise to Lucas' milking the franchise, but they just didn't care very much. They took the re-releases for what they were - a way to celebrate movies they loved.

It's funny, because while I consider myself a fan of Star Wars, I don't watch the TV shows or read the books or anything like that. It seems to be that a lot of the people who complain the loudest are the ones who do. I've never understood that. Those who actually really disliked the prequels were disappointed, but then moved on with their lives.

A lot of the 3d movies I've seen have looked like crap, but I do trust Lucasfilm to do a good job with it. For all the things I could fault them with, they're good at that kind of thing.



*sigh* why they don't countinue with the star wars series instead ?...i would love to see the rest of the story in films with awesome visual effects.



Interestingly tech enthusiasts seem to be the most anti-3D of anyone (how's that for irony). 3D used to be an amusement park attraction, then it was an amusing gimmick in theaters that was steadily getting better (I actually watched Journey to the Center of the Earth in 3D twice in the theater because it was just plain fun).


Then Avatar and Alice in Wonderland proved that 3D could be not just a gimmick but an integral part of a film. Since then there have good 3D movies (Tron:Legacy), bad 3D movies (Clash of the Titans, The Last Airbender), but on the whole things are moving forward.


James Cameron wants to re-release Titanic and George Lucas wants to re-release the Star Wars films. At worst these films will botch the 3D and everyone will stay away. At best they will add a whole new dimension to films that a MASSIVE amount of people love and a whole generation missed in the theaters. Either way, more options is a good thing, and for what it's worth, I'm taking my wife to see Titanic and Star Wars in 3D because she was too young to see them in th theaters on their first release.


Peace Out



You know what would get me excited about 3D?  Really Good Movies in 3D.



The Abyss

Apocalype Now

It isn't 3D that I dislike, it is the lame movies that are put out by Hollywood.  99% of what comes out is just pure lame, boring, mindless Crap.

I'm sure those movies aren't to everyone's liking, so feel free to list other movies.

You know what else I'd like to see in 3D?  Alfred Hitchcok's Rope.  90 minutes, two cut scenes.  That is an awesome movie.  Having it in 3D would be as close to being in a movie you could get.



Really, Tron: Legacy in 3D was good? Don't get me wrong, I thought the story was okay, but I didn't see where the 3D added anything but a headache.



The picture that accompanies this article is proper.



My general opinion is 3D is a waste of time and money.  What made the Star Wars movies great (well, some of them) was the great combination of story, music and breakthrough special effects.  Instead of bothering to add worthless 3D to old movies I would encourage the creation of new films that push the envelop and really WOW us again.  Avatar did that for me.  Move on!



How about no. 


Instead lets have Peter Jackson put the Lotr extended editions in theatres. WITH the scouring of the shire added in.






Just one question - Why?



No.  Just no.



If we do not learn from our past mistakes George Lucas is doomed to repeat himself.



Dear George Lucas,

No one cares about Star Wars anymore.  Please stop.





Seriously, wtf is wrong with this guy?  Why does he have to keep screwing with this franchise?  He's like one of those middle-aged women obsessed with plastic surgery, only his face is the Star Wars franchise.  The more "improvements" he does to it, the worse it looks.




/[annoyed grunt]



I admit, I'm a bit behind the times, but I finally got to see my first 3D movie in a theater last week.

I must say, I wasn't impressed. Ok, so the effects were kinda cool, but I didn't think it was worth the extra cost to get in, nor was it worth the headache I had toward the end of the movie (whether from the 3D effects or the glasses or both, I don't know).

The best news about this, though, is that the Star Wars films will be coming back out in theaters. Maybe some 2D theaters will show it again. I'd love to see the entire series again on the big screen.



I am in total agreement.  I, too, look forward to seeing Star Wars on the big screen yet again.  It's worth every penny to buy tickets to see it. 


I still haven't seen any film in 3D as I'm not interested in 3D after seeing how bad it was in the 80's and I don't like that I have to wear glasses to see the effects.


If there is in-deed the option to see the 2D version of Star Wars in the theaters, I'll see that over the 3D, but given no choice, I'll go see the 3D version.



"The best news about this, though, is that the Star Wars films will be coming back out in theaters. Maybe some 2D theaters will show it again. I'd love to see the entire series again on the big screen."

You and me both!



I have to agree with this too.  My kids deserve to see the films on the big screen, just like I did, even the prequels.

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