S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat Coming This Fall



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seo (not verified)


  • Photorealistic exclusion Zone – Pripyat town, Yanov railway
    station, Jupiter factory, Kopachi village and more, recreated by their
    true-to-life prototypes.
  • New story, a number of unique characters.
  • Extended system of side quests.
  • New monsters: Chimera and Burer. New behaviour and abilities for all monsters.
  • New A-Life system, created using the players' best-liked elements of the first two games in series.
  • Emissions considerably influence the world of the Zone.
  • Sleep function added into the game.
  • New player's interface.
  • Ability to continue the game after completion in a freeplay mode.
  • The game is developed on X-Ray engine v.1.6

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digital demon

I've played some of STALKER and none of Clear Sky. I need to get them all because the little I played of the first one was really good. But you're right about the bugs. I'll wait a couple months for a sale on Steam before I consider buying the new one.



Released this Fall.

Bugs fixed in Spring.

I love the STALKER series, but their are more bugs in those games than in Starship Troopers. So unless you want to start playing and find half way through that the latest patch doesn't work with older saves, I would wait.



wow, i haven't even finished Clear Sky and there's already a new one planned for release? awesome :D 

"Life is about living, not stressing" - a very smart girl :)



Wow i cant wait for this game I love the STALKER series, i would hope this game is more polished than the last 2 though, i had some problems running this game at high or even medium settings without a lot of lag, even low gets some, but i still play because the game kicks ass

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