Stackable USB Plugs: Yay or Nay?



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I think it is a cool idea. but one thing I haven't seen posted is. if you unplug and plug in or move stuff around much.... the more you have stacked the more you have to unplug to get that one device. rear usb ports I may find it handy. and what if your usb port has the wires pointed in a less than convenient direction like up. I see too many hassles for something so simple. I will take a standard hub before swearing at this thing for a week.



Looks tacky, but I like it. Although I forsee problems, all of which have already been voiced in the comments.



I think this a great idea, other than this wouldn't work for all computers, for example the ( and yes i know its outdated) dell inspiron 2400 series, which has a recessed front usb port. But other than that issue, I think this is a great idea.



 this is a good idea. my first question is why hasn't this been done sooner? why did it take until USB 3.0 for something like this? then the second thing is definetly something or someone will screw up there usb and it will go bye bye.

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This is a very cool idea, and the USB connectors are 90* angled, as well. this would be very cool, cause the wires wont break or pinch so they are connectable, i imagine that 2-3 devices will be the max before performance hits take its toll. charging stuff might be easier to do, as well.



Interesting concept. Definately would have a number of practical uses, though I would limit the cables to devices that have their own power supplies as we all know what happens when we have too many bus-powered devices attached to a non-powered hub... (bye bye USB port).

I could see the stacked cables being used more for keyboard/mouse pairings or those of us with mulitple external storage devices (I have 3 external hds @ home + one pocket wd hd) so that we don't have to clog all our USB ports with these devices.

Ex. I have have 8 ports on my machine 6 in the rear and 2 up front. On the back part, I have 2 external hds connected, keyboard, mouse, webcam and my multi-function printer. I'm out of usb ports in the back so now I have to use one of my front 2 ports for the third drive and that leaves me only one that I have to share with my digital camera, pocket hd, flash drive, smartphone. USB hubs aren't an option for me due to how I deal with my cable clutter. Now if I had those stackable cables I could confine my 3 hds to one port, mouse and keyboard to another (5 devices in 2 ports) and that would leave only my webcam and printer to use other ports (I don't think it's wise to group video and printing tasks on the same port). So now that mean I have 2 free ports up front and in back that I can use.

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we all know what happens when we have too many bus-powered devices
attached to a non-powered hub... (bye bye USB port).

What kind of broken equipment do you have that will fail destructively before cutting off power?  Whoever designed that system needs to reread section 7 of the USB spec.



Heres a much better idea for adding USB ports to Laptops>

Make a USB-3 Card that adds a USB-2 HUB to the USB-3 Port!

WHY you may ask?

Because USB-3 Ports are Bi-Directional and can send data in both directions simultaneously at speeds much higher than USB-2


So, each USB-2 port on the Hub would act as if it were a seperate USB port and each would operate at FULL USB-2 Speeds!

AND, as if thats not enough,

You can still use the USB-3 Port at Full Speed if need be

 YAY, I solved another problem for the people who claim to be geniuses







Hear hear!



 I like the concept. Would make cable management easier. But I'd stop at 3 maybe 4 high. Anything longer than that and issue could arise. Oh, and as long as it's not bloody expensive!


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For desktop use, where most things are stationary and there is less chance of something getting pulled, tweaked or otherwise disrupted, maybe...

Laptop use is less inviting to me. Maybe (MAYBE!) I would use two stacked max. Any more than that and I see it getting broken off by an unanticipated shift / move / drop or a random passer-by tripping. Granted, I am hyper-paranoid about my not-at-all-designed-well power plug on my non-apple laptop getting broken or pulled on. This just increases that worry.

From an asthetic view: I simply picture my dad's green (not the power efficient and environmentally modern term here) Christmas light "cluster" at the wall outlet every year as a kid, only now it is on my computer and in "stylish" iCrap colors.

Thanks, but no thanks.



It's nice that they developed a practical concept. Now one has to wonder if they'll bring it in a USB 3.0 variety.



I see severe issues with power requirements there...



You can set up USB hub pretty easily for a desktop, and on a laptop just how many USB devices are you going to use at once?  If you really need more, I'd go with a expansion card on the laptop.

This just looks like a nice opportunity to starve your devices of power.



Sort of reminds me of the old flow-thru SCSI cables.



I would use this kind of setup for charging devices. That is the only time I run out of slots.

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